Academic-Clinic is a big help for me. I’m going to take UPCAT this August. You’re a big help for students especially those who can’t make it to review centers like me. Thanks a lot! More power!

by Roxanne Guinto on
My way to plan and prepare, my way to conquer UPCAT

Croyez et Atteindre, Believe and Achieve. I will believe in myself and achieve my dream. Paolo Coelho quoted “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Continue reading

The Road of Endless Possibilities

My dreams lie far beyond and I am ready to step out and immerse myself into a world of endless possibilities. I will strive hard with potential, passion for learning, and a heart. Continue reading

Reaching my dreams, passing the UPCAT

I think, each of us has a dream in life. Dreaming to have nice car, a big house that you want to lived in. When you’re a man, dreaming for a perfect girl . But for me? I dream to pass the UPCAT. How? Continue reading

Preparing to be Prepared

In a war, soldiers do not simply attack without having a plan. We shouldn’t follow Iron Man’s saying towards Captain America which was “I have a plan; Attack” Instead we must prepare to be prepared. Continue reading

UPCAT: To Try, or To Avoid the Track?

After all, everything which would definitely upset us in the end-are the things which we were capable to do but eventually being left undone for we have let bad factors outweigh our passionate desires Continue reading

My Future in a Click

One click. On a whim, I took a risk and tried something that might dictate my life ahead. Continue reading

Sacrifice Means Giving Up Good For The Best

I am tremendously determined to pass the UPCAT that I would even study real hard without being forced these torture subjects—Chemistry and Algebra—for the next months. Continue reading

A Scheme to Overcome a CAT

I am so interested with a cat that was introduced to me recently even though it tops the list of my greatest fears. Continue reading

How I Plan to Conquer the UPCAT!

Confidence is also the key to passing not only the UPCAT but also in passing through life, because if you feel confident and seem confident, you will sound confident. Continue reading


Do you think that I meant “SARAP” as yummy? Well, if you ask previous takers, UPCAT is anything but delicious. Why did I use that word? You better read until the end to know my own meaning of it. Continue reading