Thanks a lot for these tips.. :) I also passed the UST Nursing Interview.. yey!.. :))

Google Keep: A Must Have Reminder App for Students

  by:  Wally Tapas Finding it hard to sort out tasks? Do you hold your smartphone more often than sticky notes? No worries! Google Keep, a virtual app that comes into view like your own handy bulletin board is here … Continue reading

Step by Step: Transferring to UP Diliman from another University

By: Marnelli Catacutan When you found out you flunked the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), your dreams of walking around the academic oval while wearing your U.P. shirt, witnessing rallies started at the Palma Hall, riding Ikot … Continue reading

Strategies for Word Analogy

By:  Kevin Lubrin Domingsil 1.  Form a sentence that clearly expresses a relationship or connection between the first pair of words. A list of possible types of relationships can be used to determine the connection. Example:  Acrobat: Cartwheel: ___________: ___________ … Continue reading

Philippine Universities Tuition Comparison

By Dana Jane Naval   College isn’t just about choosing an in-demand degree program and a good school with quality professors, high-technology facilities and all that stuff. You also have to consider the cost of your four-year(or more)-stay in this … Continue reading

Strategies for Abstract Reasoning or Non-Verbal Test

By:  Kevin Lubrin Domingsil   1. Some strategies may refer to letters of the alphabet and numbers. On your scratch paper, make a list of the alphabet and write their corresponding numerical value starting from 1. Example, A-1, B-2, C-3, … Continue reading

Strategies in Taking An English Test

By:  Kevin Lubrin Domingsil Getting the Meaning of Words 1. If there is a sentence, read it twice and look for context clue/s. 2. Ask yourself if you can relate the word with an object, an idea, a person or … Continue reading

Strategies in Taking a Math Test

By:  Kevin Lubrin Domingsil 1. Use your test/exam time wisely. Allow a minute per question for a 50 minute test with 40-50 questions. Remember that all questions carry the same point. 2. Read the question carefully. Be completely sure of … Continue reading

Extra-Curricular Activities in College

by Janina Denise H. Torralba             College is the stage of your education during which you will have to pull out all the stops. You can goof off a little bit in elementary and in high school, but you have … Continue reading

UP Dorm Guide for Freshies
UPCAT Sample Quiz

By:  Christian T. Rieza Working hard and passing the UPCAT must’ve feel great, huh? Well, guess what. That’s just where the hectic part sets out. There are a lot of requirements and documents to accomplish and prepare. One of those … Continue reading

University Ghost Stories

This year’s Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t stop mysterious phenomena from taking place—it’s just that people like to talk about them during October.  In fact, students, teachers and staff members from top universities such as ADMU, UP, DLSU … Continue reading