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College Entrance Exams: General Math Coverage

To an applicant going through a lot of stress, math sections of college entrance tests may appear as odd assortments of numbers, problems and headaches.  Fortunately, there is an inherent pattern to it—a method to the “madness,” if you will. … Continue reading

College Entrance Exams: General English Coverage

In anime and manga, a nosebleed refers to a male character’s manly interest in an attractive female character.  In college entrance tests, though, a nosebleed is a sure sign that one is struggling with the English section of the exam. … Continue reading


The prospect of taking an entrance test can be one of the most trying experiences for an incoming college freshman, particularly if that test is called the ACET.  Add in the reputation of the entrance exam being “unfinishable” and you … Continue reading

ACET Results and the Next Steps

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s ironic that quite a bit of time is still devoted to waiting for things we consider important.  For students who wish to join the ranks of the blue-blooded, it means waiting … Continue reading

Ateneo Survival Guide: On Facilities Outside of the Ateneo Campus

Despite what people may think, an Atenean’s time isn’t spent entirely on studying.  Students also need to attend to more mundane matters like sleeping, washing their clothes (or having them washed) and taking that occasional breather from the stresses of … Continue reading

Ateneo Survival Guide: Academics

So you’ve passed the ACET and you’ve made it to the Ateneo—congratulations!  A lot of people consider that much-coveted slot in the University on a Hill as a great achievement, and rightfully so. That’s just the beginning, though, so don’t … Continue reading

Ateneo Survival Guide: University Culture

Every school has a unique culture all its own.  In fact, the atmosphere of a school may very well be one of the deciding factors of whether to study in it or not. If you’re thinking of studying in the … Continue reading

Ateneo Scholarships

For some, studying in an Ivy League University like Ateneo is nothing short of a dream.  And yet, there are those who deserve such an education but who don’t possess the financial means to avail of it.  What about them? … Continue reading

An ACET Sample Essay and Some Tips

Perhaps the thing that Ateneo applicants dread the most, next to Mathematics, is the prospect of writing an essay.  Unfortunately, if you’re interested in an Ateneo education, you’ll be eating essays for breakfast lunch and dinner.  The time to start … Continue reading

Guide to Writing your ACET Essay

If you’re interested in writing for pay or passing entrance exams conducted by certain Jesuit-run academic institutions, you’ll have to deal with the reality of writing under time pressure.  Writing an essay while the clock is ticking can be a … Continue reading