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AHEAD College Entrance Test Review Registration

Interested in AHEAD Tutorial and Review’s UPCAT, ACET, DLSUCET, or any package college entrance test review program? You no longer have to go to an AHEAD office to enroll; you can now easily and conveniently do this online – specifically through Academic-Clinic.

Note: Academic-Clinic simply provides AHEAD Tutorial and Review with a convenient online registration service. This does not constitute an endorsement of AHEAD and its review programs.  Please be advised.


Here’s how you can register for an AHEAD Tutorial & Review program through Academic-Clinic:

  1. Referring to the table below, choose your review program and preferred schedule.  AHEAD-updated_rates2013_500x203
    Note: If there’s a disparity between the rates shown herein and the rates shown in the options below, the rates in this table shall prevail. Please be advised.
  2. Note the required tuition fee; a review program’s tuition fee changes according to schedule.
  3. Go to the nearest branch of BDO or BPI (note that it’s BPI, NOT BPI Family) to pay for your chosen review program.
  4. Prepare everything you need:
    1. Digital copy of your Bank Deposit slip (scanned copy or a picture thereof)
    2. Your parents’ contact information (landline and mobile numbers, email addresses, company information)
  5. Completely fill out the AHEAD College Entrance Test Enrollment Form below and submit it.
  6. After doing so, the system will automatically send a copy of your registration form to AHEAD Tutorial and Review. You will also receive an email notification about your registration.
  7. We also urge you to call AHEAD at 426-0034 to 36, 0917-8924323 to notify them about your registration through Academic-Clinic.  Contact AHEAD, too, if you have any inquiries or concerns about your enrollment.


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