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Reach a highly targeted audience

According to Quantcast data on our site traffic demographics, keywords and landing page data from Google Analytics and a textual analysis of comments left on our site and in our Facebook Fan Page, it is clear that Academic-Clinic is successfully attracting its target audience: students and their parents. If this is your target demographics, we should talk.

Focus on a defined, specific niche

Academic-Clinic has a clearly defined, specific niche: college and high school admission as well as college and high school entrance exams in the Philippines. To strengthen our position in our niche, we also cover topics and provide resources on related Philippine education niches.

Thus Academic-Clinic gets unique, high quality traffic composed of students and parents (both in the Philippines and abroad) who are highly interested in information, news, updates, and resources on schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines, these educational institutions’s admission procedure and schedule, as well as other topics relevant to Philippine education.

If you are a learning institution in the Philippines or any organization that's promoting a product or service in the same or a related niche, we should talk.

Reach purchasers, decision-makers and influencers

Academic-Clinic has a high concentration of decision-makers and purchasers. Quantcast demographics data, specifically the index data, shows that Academic-Clinic's visitors in the 18-34 and 34-49 age groups are 11% and 34% higher, respectively, than benchmark data for the general internet population.

Our site visitors also include teenagers 17 years old and below who are actively ‘liking’ our articles and website on Facebook, sharing our posts with their Facebook friends, and leaving a comment using the Facebook platform. Our young visitors may not make important purchasing decisions, but they influence the decision-making process.

Benefit from inexpensive, cost-efficient advertising

From January to August, 2011, Academic-Clinic got an average of 109,443 page views per month. Our total number of page views for this period, moreover, is 395.97% percent larger than our total number of page views from last year’s January to August period.

The best thing about these numbers, however, is that they pertain only to a defined niche and a highly targeted audience. Thus, if you’re targeting our niche and our audience, advertising at Academic-Clinic will get you noticed by your intended consumers for a fraction of the cost it will take you to reach the same number of people or the same market using other forms of advertising.

Leverage our brand and credibility

Academic-Clinic is a site that our target audience wants to visit because we deliver what we promise: free and relevant information. Our target audience knows who we are. In fact, “academic clinic” and “academic-clinic” are two of our top key phrases, indicating our audience’s recognition of our brand.

Website Profile

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Resources is a resource website in the Philippine education industry. Here, one can learn about and get updated on the admission procedure and schedule of universities, colleges, science high schools and other premier learning institutions in the Philippines. This website also covers the following related topics:

  • College entrance exams, science high school tests and even kindergarten admission tests;
  • College scholarships;
  • College courses; and
  • Top Philippine universities and colleges.

At Academic-Clinic, one will find many useful resources such as:

  • College as well as science high school entrance test-taking, essay-writing and interview tips and strategies;
  • Free sample exams, modules and reviewers;
  • College survival guides and information on in-college student services (i.e. facilities);
  • A comprehensive discussion of review centers, particularly those geared towards preparing students for college entrance exams and science high school entrance tests; and
  • Priceless insights from a community of people who have “been there and done that.”

Academic-Clinic continues and will continue to expand to include formal and informal education resources for everyone who is currently in or is preparing to enter the Philippine education system. It also intends to provide resources to guide new graduates as they transition into productive members of society.

The Philippines:

A country where everyone, wherever he/she is or whatever his/her station in life,

  • Has a fair chance of getting the best possible education available;
  • Is updated and informed about all of his/her options and choices and thus misses no opportunities; and
  • Feels empowered and is capable of making wise decisions because he/she has learned the ways and methods by which he/she can achieve his education goals (and ultimately, his/her life’s goals).

An institution

  • with top-of-mind-awareness when it comes to FREE and RELEVANT learning and education resources in the Philippines;
  • that is continually changing and evolving to adapt to new needs;
  • that is part of the information distribution channels of government agencies, educational institutions, scholarship funds, non-governmental organizations, private companies and corporations, and other stakeholders in the Philippine education industry; and
  • that initiates and takes part in as well as collaborates with individuals and other entities on meaningful projects that will benefit the Philippine education system and its clients (the students and their parents).

Academic-Clinic aims:

  • To become part of the decision-making process of students and their parents when it comes to what school, college or university to go to, college course to pick, and career choice to make;
  • To provide free and relevant information and resources on admission procedure, admission schedule and admission/entrance tests of schools, colleges and universities in the Philippines;
  • To equip students and their parents with knowledge and information on scholarships, student services, college courses, career options, and educational institutions in the Philippines; and
  • To provide free and high-quality learning resources.


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Blog Popularity

Age of Domain: 2 years and 10 Months

Blog Comments: 2,154

Quantcast Rank in the Philippines: 334

Quantcast Traffic Info: 37,423 monthly people, of which 1,028 (3%) are in the U.S.

Facebook Impressions 2011: 818,764

Figure 1: Jan 1, 2011 – Aug 21, 2011 Google Analytics Traffic Statistics Chart

To enlarge the image, right-click on the image then choose “View Image” in Firefox (or its equivalent in other browsers).

Traffic Stats

Table 1: Jan 1, 2011 – Aug 21, 2011 Google Analytics Basic Traffic Statistics Table

Average Time on Site: 4:23
New Visits: 69.57%
Average Page Views: 2.63
Absolute Unique Visitors: 238,162
Monthly Absolute Unique Visitors: 29,770.25
Page Views 875,545
Monthly Average Page Views 109,443.1
Page Views % Increase from the same period in 2010 395.97%
Traffic Sources

Table 2: Jan 1, 2011 – Aug 21, 2011 Google Analytics Traffic Sources Table

Search Engines 71.41%
Direct Traffic 15.24%
Referring Sites 13.31%

Table 3: Jan 1, 2011 – Aug 21, 2011 Google Analytics Geographic Sources of our Traffic



% of Site Total

Visits from the Philippines



Visits from Manila



Visits from Quezon City








Image 1: Graphical Representation of Geographic Sources of our Traffic


Figure 2: August 26 Quantcast DemographicsMarket Segments

Explanation from Quantcast:

The “index” shows how an individual site’s audience compares to the internet population as a whole. For example, an index of 100 indicates a site’s audience is equivalent to the demographic make-up of the total internet population. Any increase over 100 means that the property is “ver indexed” and attracts a more concentrated group of a particular demographic group than in the general internet population.

Table 4: January to August 2011 Demographics from Facebook Insights

Important note: This table takes into account only those site visitors who use Facebook in our website to share our posts with friends, like our site and posts, and leave comments.





























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  • Articles are dated posts or write-ups on specific topics. Pages have general information/content.


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.