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FEU LEAP (Long-Term Educational Assistance Program)

FEU LEAP (Long-Term Educational Assistance Program)

Scholarship Background

Long-term education assistance program (LEAP) is awarded to students who are in dire need.

Scholarship Benefits

-Full tuition + assessed miscellaneous fees discount + allowances
-Can be enjoyed for 4 years/ 5 years (depending on the degree program) provided the grantee complies with the retention requirements

Scholarship Qualifications

-Filipino citizen of good moral character
-Must be physically and mentally fit
-Family income of not more P100,000 per year
-FEU-CAT results of at least average rating
-Underwent FEU qualifying financial evaluation

Scholarship Requirements

-Duly accomplished application form with two (2) passport-size colored pictures with white background (taken at least a month prior to application)
-Two (2) recommendation letters from school administrators, faculty, alumni association, and the like (attach photocopy of valid ID of the recommender) addressed to AFA Director
-Latest tax exemption certificate or income tax return of both parents
-Map of residence from FEU including nearest landmarks
-Good moral certification from High School (for incoming Freshmen) or from Student Discipline Office (for enrolled applicants)
-Latest health certification from the University Health Service
-Latest guidance clearance from the Guidance and Counseling office for enrolled applicants
-Latest Report of Rating with computed GPA/GWA for enrolled applicants

Retention Requirements
-Regular student
-GWA of at least 2.00 or GPA of at least C+ (2.5)
-No major offense

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
before enrollment FEU CAT schedule http://www.feu.edu.ph/manila/index.php/admissions/feucat-schedules/ to be announced by the FEU Admissions and Financial Assistance Office

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • FEU CAT coverage


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