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FEU LEAP (Long-Term Educational Assistance Program)

FEU LEAP (Long-Term Educational Assistance Program)

Scholarship Background

Long-term education assistance program (LEAP) is awarded to students who are in dire need.

Scholarship Benefits

-Full tuition + assessed miscellaneous fees discount + allowances
-Can be enjoyed for 4 years/ 5 years (depending on the degree program) provided the grantee complies with the retention requirements

Scholarship Qualifications

-Filipino citizen of good moral character
-Must be physically and mentally fit
-Family income of not more P100,000 per year
-FEU-CAT results of at least average rating
-Underwent FEU qualifying financial evaluation

Scholarship Requirements

-Duly accomplished application form with two (2) passport-size colored pictures with white background (taken at least a month prior to application)
-Two (2) recommendation letters from school administrators, faculty, alumni association, and the like (attach photocopy of valid ID of the recommender) addressed to AFA Director
-Latest tax exemption certificate or income tax return of both parents
-Map of residence from FEU including nearest landmarks
-Good moral certification from High School (for incoming Freshmen) or from Student Discipline Office (for enrolled applicants)
-Latest health certification from the University Health Service
-Latest guidance clearance from the Guidance and Counseling office for enrolled applicants
-Latest Report of Rating with computed GPA/GWA for enrolled applicants

Retention Requirements
-Regular student
-GWA of at least 2.00 or GPA of at least C+ (2.5)
-No major offense

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
before enrollment FEU CAT schedule to be announced by the FEU Admissions and Financial Assistance Office

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • FEU CAT coverage


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