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MAPUA Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP)

MAPUA Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP)

Scholarship Background

The MAPUA Student Financial Assistance Program (STUFAP) is one of the financial assistance programs that Mapua Institute of Technology offers to students.

Scholarship Benefits

-Qualified borrowers may be allowed to borrow a maximum of PhP8, 000 without interest.
-Loans PhP4, 000 and below are payable within 2 years from the date of graduation.
-Loans above 4000PhP are payable within 5 to 10 years from the date of graduation.

Scholarship Qualifications

-Must be enrolled as 3rd, 4th or graduating college student;
– Must not be presently enjoying any government scholarship grant;
– Must have attended the orientation on STUFAP with the CSFA;
– Must be willing to comply with the program’s rules and regulations;
– Must have a co-borrower either his/her parents, his/her relatives, or any person who is a GSIS or SSS member and a Guarantor working in Mapúa Institute of Technology.

Scholarship Requirements

-Pay the amount borrowed under the program within the amortization period.
-Notify the school within 30 days for any changes on the following:
change of permanent address
commencement of employment
transfer or change of employment
change in civil status
-Issue post-dated checks (PDC) to cover the amortization payments. PDC’s shall be issued prior to graduation and as part of the graduation requirements.
-In the event that the student borrower decides to transfer to another school/college/university, he/she should pay the entire amount of loan prior to the issuance of his/her transfer credentials and honorable dismissal.

application form: http://www.mapua.edu.ph/Offices/CSFA/Downloads/STUFAP%20Application%20Form.pdf

agreement form: http://www.mapua.edu.ph/Offices/CSFA/Downloads/STUFAP%20Agreement%20Form.pdf

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
before enrollment none to be announced by the CSFA

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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