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FEU Service Scholarship Grants

FEU Service Scholarship Grants

Scholarship Background

Service scholarship grants support talented students who embody the core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness and help promote the University through their skills and talents. Service Scholarship Grant Sub-Categories:
1. Athletics scholarship is awarded to qualified athletes identified by the Athletics Department.
2. Cheering Squad is awarded to qualified members identified by the PE Department.
3. Cultural is awarded to qualified members of the PCC groups identified by PCC.
a. FEU Bamboo Band
b. FEU Chorale
c. FEU Dance Company
d. FEU Drum and Bugle Corps
e. FEU Theater Guild

Scholarship Benefits

-Athletics and Cheering Squad – Full tuition + assessed miscellaneous fees discount
-Cultural – Full tuition discount

Scholarship Qualifications

-Must be endorsed by the department concerned using the standard matrix duly registered in Quality Management Office (QMO)

Scholarship Requirements

Must pass the audition or try-out conducted by the concerned department.

Retention Requirements:
-Must have enrolled at least 4 subjects or minimum of 12 units in a semester except for graduating students
-No major offense particularly related to the possession and use of drugs, alcoholic beverages and deadly weapon inside the University

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
before enrollment FEU CAT schedule to be announced by the FEU Admissions and Financial Assistance Office

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • FEU CAT coverage


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