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UST Scholarship for the Gifted (Santo Domingo de Guzman) for Athletes

UST Scholarship for the Gifted (Santo Domingo de Guzman) for Athletes

Scholarship Background

The San Domingo de Guzman Scholarship for the Gifted is for talented students who excel in the arts, sports and other special skills. This scholarship is named after the Founder of the Order of Preachers.

Scholarship Benefits

1. The coverage and benefits of the scholarship will depend on the recommendation by the dean/mentor/coach.
2. “active rest” status every examination week for athletes with goals of graduating cum laude or maintaining DL status, and those with low marks.
3. varsitarians:
-may be awarded full athletic scholarship (100% matriculation + misc discounts),
-use top of the line equipment/supplies,
-have medical & hospitalization, board & lodging (limited number) and standard monthly laundry allowances as well as game day food allowance,
-have partial subsidy for international trips (for national athletes) and costs for approved out-of-town tournaments are shouldered by the office as an incentive to those belonging in champion teams
4. recommended athletes are accorded the best that they can get- from training program to equipment and benefits within the boundary of department’s rules/regulations/policies. The athletics office facilitate all official requests that involves athletes after careful deliberation and approval from the director.
5. varsity players enjoy the Sto. Domingo Scholarship but other athletes also enjoy other types of scholarship — the employee privilege and academic scholarship.

Scholarship Qualifications

-must excel in sports.
-must pass try outs.

Interested applicants may inquire and apply at the Institute of Physical Education & Athletics (IPEA).

Scholarship Requirements

-passing grade of 3.0
-must attend training. schedule may be: summer & first sem schedule – 6:30am-10am / Mon to friday (&/or saturday); 2nd sem – 1-4pm / mon to saturday; holidays (christmas break) – 2x/day sessions.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
August 16, 2014; September 20, 2014; November 29, 2014 August 24, 2014; September 28, 2014; December 7, 2014 January 28, 2015 at ofad.ust.edu.ph

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) coverage


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