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MAPUA Southern California Mapua Alumni (SCMA) Association Scholarship Grant

MAPUA Southern California Mapua Alumni (SCMA) Association Scholarship Grant

Scholarship Background

The Southern California Mapua Alumni (SCMA) Association was established in 1977 with the objective of unifying alumni of the Mapua Institute of Technology within Southern California. The Vision of SCMA is to cultivate leadership among its Officers and Members, unification of its alumni through social and civic functions, promotion of special projects, offering EIT and PE-EE review classes, and to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarship grants to deserving students at the Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila, Philippines and to dependents of SCMA members in California.

Scholarship Benefits

-Scholars will receive a stipend of $250 dollars per term
-Special Gift/s from the Association which will support the scholar’s studies (Computer, reference materials and others) after two consecutive quarterms.

Scholarship Qualifications

-Must be an incoming 3rd -4th Year Engineering or Architecture student;
-Must have a GWA standing of 2.50 for the last two terms;
-Must have no failing and incomplete grades;
-Must be of good health;
-Must be of good moral character;
-Must submit the complete requirements;
-Must pass the interview by CSFA.

Scholarship Requirements

-Completed Scholarship Application From (Downloadable at MIT website)
-Two 2×2 ID pictures
-Photocopy of Final Grade Report since 1st Year
-Photocopy of Certificate of Matriculation (CM)
-Certificate of Good Health
-Certificate of Good Moral from Office of the Prefect and Discipline
-Barangay Clearance or NBI Clearance
-Brief essay (not more than 150 words) about the applicant, his/her goals and answering the questions “Why I think I deserve this scholarship grant?”
-Interview conducted by CSFA

Responsibilities of Scholars
-The scholar must have a GWA of 2.50 or higher
-The scholar must not have a grade lower than 3.0 in any course/subject
-Must finish the program within the prescribed numbers of quarters
-The scholar must provide and update his/her personal contact information
-Must visit the CSFA Office before enrollment for validation

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
October 2014 none to be announced by the CSFA Office

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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