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DLSHSI Service Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

DLSHSI Service Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Scholarship Background

The Scholarship Program and Development of DLSHSI provides every Filipino student a unique opportunity to experience free Lasallian health sciences education. This great mission is part of the thrust of De La Salle Philippines, Inc. in response to the 100 Years of Lasallian Presence in the country.

Scholarship Benefits

100% discount from the tuition fee – Champion (Gold Medalist) in any sports competition (Individual Category) in the international level

50% discount from the tuition fee -Champion (Gold Medalist) in any sports competition (Individual Category) in the national level and runner-up in the international level

40% discount from the tuition fee -Champion (Gold Medalist) in any sports competition (Individual Category) in the regional levels and qualifier in the international level and special awardee in Doubles or Group Competitions

30% discount from the tuition fee – Champion (Medalist) in any sports competition (Individual Category) in the provincial level and Presidents of the Institutional Student Council, Saringhimig, Kollaborative Movement, and Library Students Organization

25% discount from the tuition fee – other officers of the Institutional Student Council, Library Students Organization, Kollaborative Movement, and Saringhimig

20% discount from the tuition fee – Medalists in any sports or choral singing competition (Double or Group Category) in provincial, regional, national, and international levels, and Institutional Student Council College Assembly Presidents

10% discount from the tuition fee – Institutional Student Council Legislative Assembly, Library Students Organization College Representatives and other Saringhimig members

NOTE: The scholarship privilege shall be applied during the succeeding semester after winning in the competition in the case of athletes and Saringhimig members. Furthermore, only the highest percentage shall be applied in case the recipient is qualified to more than one (1) scholarship privilege.

Scholarship Qualifications

1. Regular student
a. should be at least on the 2nd year of playing as varsity
b. or 2nd year of active membership and participation with the institutional chorale of DLSHSI
c. Officers of:
-the Institutional Student Council (ISC): (President, Vice President for Academics, Vice President for Activities, Vice President for Operations, Vice President for Finance, Vice President for Publicity and Mobilization, Executive Secretary, and College Assembly Presidents);
-Library Student Organization (LSO): (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer);
-Kollaborative Movement (KM): (President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Treasurer);
-and Saringhimig (SH): (President, Vice President for Internals, Vice President for Externals, Secretary, Treasurer, and College Representatives)
2. Winners in international, national, regional, and provincial sports and choral competitions
6. With good academic standing with grades not lower than 80 for undergraduate applicants
7. General Weighted Average (GWA) of 83 or higher for undergraduate applicants.
8. Has a rating of 80% based on the Varsity/Chorale Point Scoring Checklist of the Director for Sports, Culture and Special Events
9. Certificate of Moral Character
10. Letter of Intent addressed to the Director for Academic Services

Scholarship Requirements

1. All scholar-applicants are required to submit their letters of intent addressed to the Director for Academic Services, fill-out the application/data form and submit the accomplished application form on or before the set deadline with the following documents in a long brown envelope:
-Letter of scholarship application;
-Certificate of Moral Character
-Copy of the Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Non-Filing of Income Tax Return;
-Most recent billing statement (electric, water, telephone, internet, cable, etc.) and
-One (1) copy of 2×2 color picture.
2. All applications shall be pre-screened by the Scholarship Program and Development Center (SPDC) before forwarding the documents to the colleges concerned through the Collegiate Scholarship Committee chairs and College Deans.
3. The college through the Collegiate Scholarship Committee then evaluates the documents (the Collegiate Scholarship Committee chair may opt to call for an interview with the applicant as the application process continues) and submits prioritized list of candidates for scholarships to the SPDC.
4. The Scholarship Program and Development Center through the Collegiate Scholarship Committee may award a different type of scholarship if the applicants have been disqualified from their desired type and that available slots from other types of scholarships have been identified and the applicants themselves have satisfied all of the requirements.
5. All scholar-applicants must wait for the release of the final evaluation report by the Director for Academic Services and the Vice Chancellor for Academics.
6. They are advised to wait for further announcements (through the Office of the Director Bulletin of Information, DLSHSI website, and other correspondences).
7. The scholars are enjoined to visit the office of the Director for the confirmation of their status.
8. All undergraduate scholars are enjoined to renew/re-apply for their scholarships every semester.
9. All scholars must fill-out and submit the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the beginning of every school year. The MOA contains all the policies and guidelines, conditions of scholarships, the provisions for the mandatory return of service, etc.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
before CAT schedule CAT schedule please refer to http://www.dlshsi.edu.ph/admissions/college-admission-test-cat-schedule one (1) week after the scheduled date of the examination

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • CAT coverage


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