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DLSHSI Grants given to DLSHSI Regular Employee Dependents

DLSHSI Grants given to DLSHSI Regular Employee Dependents

Scholarship Background

The DLSHSI Grants given to DLSHSI Regular Employee Dependents are the following:
1. Brother President Scholarship Program (BPSP)
2. Enhanced Brother President Scholarship Program (EBPSP)
3. Employees’ Dependents (EDSP) / Grand Father Clause (GFCSP) Scholarship Program
4. Salle Medical Education Benefit(SLMEB)

Scholarship Benefits

-100% Tuition Fee Discount (1st child-dependent)
-75% Tuition Fee Discount (2nd child-dependent)
-50% Tuition Fee Discount (3rd child-dependent and any dependent of the faculty members of the College of Medicine and Unit Heads who were appointed before May 31, 1988- Medicine)

1. All full time permanent faculty members and staff are entitled to 100%, 75% and 50% tuition fee discounts respectively for their three (3) children who shall be enrolling in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. However, if the employees have plans and have already identified one (1) of their children who may enroll in the College of Medicine program of DLSHSI in the future, they may opt to already reserve a specific slot and specific percentage for this purpose.
2. The employees are given full freedom and consent to decide on this matter as long as it is still covered by the aforementioned scope of scholarship.
3. In the case of DLSHSI employees who have one (1) child/dependent, 100% tuition fee discount shall be given both for the undergraduate and Medicine programs. On the other hand, employees with two (2) children/dependents, 50% tuition fee discount shall be given to the medical education of one of their children should they opt to use both the grant in the undergraduate programs of their children.

Scholarship Qualifications

-These scholarship grants are given to Legitimate or legally adopted children of married, permanent, and full-time faculty (Teaching and ASF) and Administrative
Service Personnel (ASP) (later referred to as “sponsor”) who joined DLSU in May 1987 or after (those not qualified for the old tuition waiver program), have served the University for at least three years as faculty/ASF/ASP, and are in active University Service while enjoying the grant.
-Faculty who are on service, sabbatical or any leave with pay, as well as those who were seconded or in special detail to a De La Salle unit or affiliate are considered in active service.
-please refer to http://www.dlsud.edu.ph/Administration/OAVCAS/assets/docs/EBPSP-PAGE-2.pdf for the Enhanced Brother President Scholarship Program. The general rule for this program is: If both parents are employees of DLSU-D, only one parent can avail of the scholarship program. But if one parent is an employee of DLSU-D and the other one is an employee of DLS-HIS, each parent can avail of the scholarship where one is employed.
-must pass the CAT of DLSHSI

Scholarship Requirements

1. Application/Data Form
2. Original copy of the Certificate of Employment of the applicant faculty or staff, issued by Human Resource Management, and states that the applicant has been granted a permanent status
4. Clear copy of the birth Certificate of the dependent
5. Adoption papers if dependent is legally adopted
6. Prospectus of the course enrolled in
7. Certificate of Admission from the school or course enrolled in
8. All scholar-applicants are required to submit their letters of intent addressed to the Director for Academic Services, fill-out the application/data form and submit the accomplished application form on or before the set deadline with the following documents in a long brown envelope:
-Letter of scholarship application;
-Certificate of Moral Character
-Copy of the Income Tax Return (ITR) or Certificate of Non-Filing of Income Tax Return;
-Most recent billing statement (electric, water, telephone, internet, cable, etc.) and
-One (1) copy of 2×2 color picture.
9. All scholar-applicants must wait for the release of the final evaluation report by the Director for Academic Services and the Vice Chancellor for Academics.
10. They are advised to wait for further announcements (through the Office of the Director Bulletin of Information, DLSHSI website, and other correspondences).
11. The scholars are enjoined to visit the office of the Director for the confirmation of their status.
12. All undergraduate scholars are enjoined to renew/re-apply for their scholarships every semester.
13. All scholars must fill-out and submit the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) at the beginning of every school year. The MOA contains all the policies and guidelines, conditions of scholarships, the provisions for the mandatory return of service, etc.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
before CAT schedule CAT schedule please refer to http://www.dlshsi.edu.ph/admissions/college-admission-test-cat-schedule one (1) week after the scheduled date of the examination

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • CAT coverage


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