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DLS-CSB Center for Institutional Communications (CIC) Scholarship

DLS-CSB Center for Institutional Communications (CIC) Scholarship

Scholarship Background

The CIC Scholarship is for currently enrolled student assistants of CIC who are recommended for tuition discount by the CIC Director.

Formerly the Marketing and Communications Office (MCO), the Center for Institutional Communications is the central communications center of the College. It has three offices:
1. The Marketing Office is in charge of corporate marketing, market research, and sales and inventory of marketing materials. The office is involved in marketing plans and strategies; review and protection of branding and trademarks; planning and implementing marketing projects; and market intelligence research.
2. The Creative Services Office focuses on planning and implementing creative strategies to maximize messages and communicate effectively with any public. Its creative team is composed of editorial and design staff, and ensures that the College’s collateral follow a standard look and appeal. It provides advertising, editorial, print and design support and assistance; gives advice on publications; and assists in overall creative concept development.
3. The Communications Office handles information dissemination and media relations. It provides support and advice for media and members of the DLS-CSB community by maintaining and updating official information channels for internal and external consumption.

Scholarship Benefits

Partial tuition discount

Scholarship Qualifications

-Has worked as an assistant of CIC for at least one trimester
-Endorsed by the CIC Director

Scholarship Requirements

1. Visit Admissions Center at Taft Campus to obtain application payment slip then pay the non-refundable admission processing fee at Finance Department.
2. Secure an application form from the Admissions Center. Indicate the type of scholarship applied for in the form.
3. Fill out the application form {} that comes with the kit and submit it, together with complete admission and scholarship requirements, to Admission Center.
Only applications with correct and complete requirements shall be processed.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
Applied as regular student from July to December no examinations released through DLS-CSB Admissions Center, Benilde Website, Senior Guidance Counselor and through your personal mailing address

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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