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ADMU Financial Aid Grants

ADMU Financial Aid Grants

Scholarship Background

For over four decades now, the Ateneo College Scholarship Program for deserving but financially challenged students continues to thrive – thanks to the many generous benefactors who have extended much needed and appreciated support.

With limited scholarship slots each year, the Committee on Admission and Aid makes its decision on each application after carefully examining the results of the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) together with the academic record of the applicant, the family’s finances and school recommendations

Scholarship Benefits

Financial aid takes various forms:
a) 100% tuition and fees
b) 75% tuition and fees
c) 50% tuition and fees
d) 25% tuition and fees
e) book and/or transportation allowance
f) dormitory assistance

Scholarships and financial grants are awarded to students in all programs of study in the Loyola Schools. The grant is given for a year only. It may be renewed upon evaluation of the student’s continued financial need and above satisfactory academic performance. It covers Summer and Introductory Courses if these are required.

Scholarship Qualifications

Financial aid grantees are selected on the basis of:
a) intellectual ability and excellent academic achievement;
b)financial need as clearly manifested in the Scholarship / Financial Aid Questionnaire; and,
c)demonstrated commitment to the service of the community and potential for greater service in the future.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Applicants must fill out a Scholarship/ Financial Aid Questionnaire. This form is without charge and must be secured and submitted together with the Application for Admission form. All scholars are required to pass by the OAA every registration period to present their complete grades and to have their Tuition Assessment Form stamped before proceeding to the Cashier’s Office.
2. There is no special exam for scholarship. Application for scholarship does not influence in any way the decision concerning acceptance into the college. Applicants therefore, should not wait for the decision on their admission application before securing or submitting a financial aid application.
3. Applications not accompanied by required documents or with incomplete information will not be processed.
4. Provincial applicants interested in staying at the Ateneo Residence Halls as dorm scholars should fill out and submit an Ateneo Residence Halls Dorm Application Form. This is available from the Office of the Director of Residence Halls. Dorm scholars are required to render services at the Ateneo University Residence Halls as dorm porters or office assistants. The number of portering hours required each semester is determined by the Director of Residence Halls. Failure to comply may mean termination of the dorm scholarship grant.
5. Freshman, sophomore, and junior financial aid scholars are required to render 10 (ten) hours of service every semester and three (3) hours during summer at the OAA or any Loyola Schools office as a token of gratitude for their scholarship. Seniors should complete ten service hours for the school year. Failure to accomplish the required service hours may also lead to the termination of scholarship.
6. The scholarship is reviewed each semester. If the scholar receives a Failure (F), Withdrawal (W), or Incomplete (INC) grade in any course, or if the QPI is below the Ateneo grade requirement for that year level, the student forfeits his scholarship. A scholar with a grade of D in any two subjects during a term should write a letter explaining his/her poor academic performance. Letters of appeal should be addressed to the Director of Admission and Aid, must include copy of grades & submitted not later than three days after the semestral grades are officially released online by the Registrar’s Office. Letters should be noted by/signed by the parent/s or guardian. Failure to meet the deadline will be taken to mean that the grantee does not wish to renew his/her scholarship.

please refer to http://www.ateneo.edu/ls/undergraduate/financial-aid/faq for FAQ’s.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
August 15, 2014, Friday, 5:00 pm No examinations please coordinate with Office of Admission and Aid

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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