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DLSU Vaugirard Scholarship Program

DLSU Vaugirard Scholarship Program

Scholarship Background

In line with its mission of nurturing a community of distinguished scholars, De La Salle University launches the Vaugirard Scholarship Program. The scholarship program provides an opportunity for students who graduated from Philippine public high schools to access the Lasallian education through any baccalaureate degree program at DLSU.

The scholarship program is named after Vaugirard, France, the location where St. John Baptist de La Salle founded his first novitiate. The house in Vaugirard became a refuge and a place where the Christian Brothers deepen their spirituality, strengthen their relationships through fellowship and prayer, and renew the zeal to continue the mission of providing free education for all.

Scholarship Benefits

1. full waiver on tuition, miscellaneous and other fees throughout their stay in the University;
2. monthly stipend of ten thousand pesos (P 10,000.00) to cover accommodation expenses and meal subsidy at the Lasallian Study Center;
3. cash incentive for those graduating with Latin honors;
4. advance enrollment privileges.

The application fee for all graduating public secondary school students is free. However, applicants must secure an examination permit which can be obtained upon submission of admission requirements.

Scholarship Qualifications

students who graduated from Philippine public high schools

Scholarship Requirements

1. please check for candidacy status/invitation.
2. To confirm attendance, kindly accomplish an online confirmation form at not later than 07 February 2014 (5:30 pm).

Application Procedures for Freshman Applicants from Public High Schools for Academic Year 2014-2015:
1. For DLSU applicants, fill out and print the online Undergraduate Application Form (
2. For applicants who will apply and take the DLSU CAT in the Provincial/External Testing Centers (ETC), a hard copy of the application form may be secured at the designated testing center (ETC) or at the DLSU Enrollment Services Hub (ESH).
Note: The applicant may also have the option to use the online application facility. He/she must fill out the form online and submit the print out together with the admission requirements at the designated testing center where he/she will take the exam.
3. Proceed to the designated Provincial/External Testing Center (ETC) or Enrollment Services Hub located at the 2nd floor Henry Sy, Sr. Hall, DLSU, Taft Avenue, 1004 Manila and submit the following admission requirements:
-Hard copy of the application form or printed copy of the online application form
Certified Correct Secondary Scholastic Records (
-Three (3) identical photographs or three (3) photocopies of school identification card
4. Secure testing permit. The entrance exam schedule will depend on the earliest testing date available upon submission of requirements.
5. Take the exam on the scheduled date. Present the exam permits on the date of examination.
6. Access the results and status letters at the DLSU website by the 3rd week of January 2014. If you cannot access your results, please inquire at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships through (632) 523-4230 (Direct) or (632) 524-4611 Ext. 166 or email

List of Degree Program codes


IMPORTANT DATES (Deadline for submission of application requirements to DLSU, Manila)
Date Applicant’s Surname
02-03 September 2013 A-G
04-05 September 2013 H-N
06-07 September 2013 O-U
09-10 September 2013 V-Z
11-12 September 2013 Batch/Group Application

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
July 3, 2013 to March 30, 2014 October to November (DLSU CAT) 3rd week of January 2014

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • DLSU CAT coverage


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