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DLSU Top Achievers in the Freshman Test 100 (T.A.F.T. 100)

DLSU Top Achievers in the Freshman Test 100 (T.A.F.T. 100)

Scholarship Background

Founded in 1911, De La Salle University is an internationally recognized institution of higher learning with an established tradition of excellence and service. The University is a hub for higher education training renowned for its academic excellence, prolific and pioneering research, and empowering community engagement. As it celebrates its 100 years as an institution, DLSU re-commits itself to its mission of being a resource for God and Country and invites no less than the best and the brightest students to be part of its global Lasallian network.

Launched during the centennial of Lasallian presence in the Philippines, the DLSU Top Achievers in the Freshman Test 100 (T.A.F.T. 100) recognizes high school seniors who have performed exceptionally well in the DLSU College Admission Test (CAT). The Top 100 examinees of the DLSU CAT will be automatically awarded this distinction.

Scholarship Benefits

Grantees will receive a 15% tuition discount every term. This is renewable thereafter upon compliance with SFA conditions.

Scholarship Qualifications

Be one of the Top 100 examinees of the DLSU CAT

Scholarship Requirements

Those who will qualify for the Star Scholars Program and the St. La Salle Scholarship will only receive one grant and will be given the award of higher value. Students with scholarships from other institutions will be given a stipend equivalent to the tuition discount.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
upon DLSU CAT DLSU CAT schedule to be announced by DLSU OAS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • DLSU CAT coverage


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