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DLSU TELUS Student Assistantship Program

DLSU  TELUS Student Assistantship Program

Scholarship Background

In line with its mission of making Lasallian education accessible to all, De La Salle University in partnership with TELUS International Philippines, established the DLSU
TELUS Student Assistantship Program. As part of the Student Assistantship and Resource Training (S.T.A.R.T.) Program, this will provide qualified students an opportunity to pursue their Lasallian education while working for a multinational corporation.

The programs are designed to be completed in about 5 years, or 15 terms since this is a special program of study for part-time working students. The curriculum offered to student assistants will be exactly like that offered to regular students taking the full time program. Interested students who do not belong to the abovementioned degree programs can shift to these programs to be qualified for the DLSU-TELUS Student Assistantship Grant.

About Telus:
As a pioneer in the global call center outsourcing and IT development industry, TELUS International Philippines is backed by a multi-national, multi-billion dollar Canadian telecommunications giant. TELUS International delivers extraordinary customer service and value to the world’s most sophisticated clients.
TELUS provides a full range of cost-effective, high-quality call center outsourcing services and IT solutions for customer care, sales, technical support, market research, back-office support, IT development and business process outsourcing. TELUS clients include companies in the utilities, high-tech, travel, hospitality, telecommunications and financial services industries.

Scholarship Benefits

1. The student assistant will be a fulltime student during the first four (4) terms.
2. He/she shall receive a subsidy from DLSU in the form of 60% discount on tuition and fees.
3. From the 5th term onwards, the student assistant will have a reduced academic load and will be posted at and render work/service for TELUS.
4. Once posted at TELUS, the student assistant shall receive a salary or allowance. The subsidy from DLSU shall be at 40% discount on tuition and fees.
5. Telus will provide students under the program a standard rate per hour and other benefits such as non-taxable allowance, night differential including health and life insurance.

Scholarship Qualifications

A prospective student assistant should have the following qualifications:

1. An incoming freshman or sophomore student by the start of an academic year
2. At least 18 years old by the start of 5th term
3. For incoming freshmen, high academic achievement in high school in terms of:
-Cumulative high school grade point average not lower than 85% or its equivalent, evidenced by certified true copies of Form 137 and Form 138 or a photocopy of the high school cards from first year to fourth year
-Student leadership and involvement in co-curricular activities as evidenced by a certificate of recognition stating awards received in both academic, extra- and co-curricular activities issued by the high school principal
-Lasallian character and values as evidenced by a certificate of good moral character from the High School principal or issued by a competent authority in the school
4. For incoming sophomore students, a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, with no grade lower than 1.5 during past three terms and an endorsement from the College Vice Dean and the Dean of Student Affairs
5. A Filipino citizen, as evidenced by a copy of the Birth Certificate
6. Not concurrently a recipient of any major scholarship or financial aid
7. Physically fit as evidenced by a Medical Certificate from a qualified physician

Scholarship Requirements

The assistantship shall be renewed every term until the student assistant completes the degree program subject to the following requirements:

1. The student assistant maintains a cumulative trimester grade point average (GPA) that is not lower than 2.0. In case of failure to meet the required average, the student assistant may appeal for reconsideration with the SFA Office
2. The student assistant sticks to the program checklist for the period of the assistantship, unless approved by the Vice-Dean of the College at DLSU
3. The student assistant does not drop any subject nor cancel enrollment for the period of scholarship, unless approved by the Vice-Dean of the College at DLSU
4. The student assistant does not shift in course/degree program or major, unless approved by the Vice-Dean of the College at DLSU
5. The student assistant does not accept any other kind of employment or part-time work from any DLSU unit or any other company or firm
6. The student assistant does not engage in activities or acts adverse to the interests of DLSU and TELUS

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
June no examinations to be announced by the DLSU OAS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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  1. hi, just want to ask, do I need to be an employee of Telus to take advantage of the scholarship, I’m interested in joining the campaign, please contact me to this number, 09101988042

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