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DLSU Military Scholarship (PD 577)

DLSU Military Scholarship (PD 577)

Scholarship Background

Dependents of military personnel who died or became incapacitated in the line of duty are exempted from the payment of tuition through the DLSU Military Scholarship (PD 577). Qualified applicants are granted tuition waiver subject to availability of slots and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scholarship Benefits

1. The military scholarship covers tuition grants only (other fees not included).
2. This benefit is transferable to any of the dependents of the military personnel, at the option of the next of kin, provided it will not exceed ten (10) academic years.
3. This benefit is without prejudice to other educational benefits previously being enjoyed by the military personnel or his dependents.

Scholarship Qualifications

1. The benefit shall be extended to any one (1) dependent of military personnel in the active service who have died or were incapacitated in line of duty since September 21, 1972 and those who shall die and may be incapacitated in line of duty hereafter.
2. The applicant should be admitted first to the University before the scholarship will be granted.

Scholarship Requirements

1. In order to process the scholarship, the applicant must submit to the Scholarship and Financial Assistance (SFA) Office a casualty report or certification from Major Service Adjutant of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) certifying to the effect that the military personnel died or became incapacitated in the line of duty.

1. Maintenance of Grade Point Average (GPA) of not lower than 1.600 or its equivalent each term
2. Full-load enrollment in the courses prescribed in the program
3. Non-shifting of degree program except for highly meritorious reasons
4. Truthful reporting of information on all SFA forms
5. Compliance with the guidelines incumbent upon awardees, per University Scholarship Council and SFA Office policies

Duration of Grant:
Scholarship grants are for one (1) term only, renewable thereafter upon compliance with SFA conditions.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
Scholarship application ends on April 15 no examinations to be announced by the DLSU OAS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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