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DLSU Centennial Scholarship Program (CSP)

DLSU  Centennial Scholarship Program (CSP)

Scholarship Background

The Centennial Scholarship Program (CSP) serves as a supplement to the Brother President Scholarship Program(BPSP). The CSP for De La Salle University (DLSU) was formulated to provide scholarships to qualified children of full-time permanent faculty (teaching and academic service faculty)and administrative service personnel (ASP) of the University.

Children of permanent and full-time faculty and ASP must have passed the DLSU entrance requirements in order to qualify for the scholarship that is only offered at DLSU.

Scholarship Benefits

The CSP covers 100% tuition grant only (other fees not included) for one undergraduate degree program. Each sponsor may avail of the scholarship for one (1) child only.

Scholarship may be availed of in DLSU only.

Scholarship Qualifications

The following are qualified to apply:
• Legitimate or legally adopted children of married, permanent, and full-time faculty (Teaching and ASF) and Administrative Service Personnel (ASP) (later referred to as “sponsor”) who joined DLSU, in May 1987 or after (those not qualified for the old tuition waiver program), have served the University for at least three years as faculty/ASF/ASP, and are in active University Service while enjoying the grant. Faculty who are on service, sabbatical or any leave with pay, as well as those who were seconded or in special detail to a De La Salle unit or affiliate are considered in
active service.
• Must have passed the entrance requirements of DLSU.
• Must be an incoming freshman student for the college level (undergraduate degree program only)

Scholarship Requirements

Submit the following to the Scholarship and Financial Assistance (SFA) Office:
• Official letter of acceptance from DLSU
• Certification of good moral character from the Discipline Officer (or equivalent) of the school last attended
• Letter of certification of parent’s permanent and current employment status and number of years of service at DLSU from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics (OVCA) [for faculty and ASF] or the Office of the Vice Chancellor for
Administration (OVCAD) [for ASP]

Based on the CSP selection criteria, the University Scholarship Council (USC) formalizes the decision and informs the applicant accordingly.

Five (5) slots are allocated per academic year. Applicants shall be ranked based on the sponsor’s number of years of service at DLSU.

1. Maintenance of Grade Point Average (GPA) of not lower than 1.600 or its equivalent each term.
2. Enrollment with a full-load or in units as prescribed in the program checklist.
3. Non-shifting of degree program except for highly meritorious reasons.
4. Truthful reporting of information on all SFA forms.
5. Compliance with the guidelines incumbent upon awardees, per USC and SFA Office policies.

Duration of Grant:
The grant is for one (1) trimester only. Grants are renewable thereafter upon compliance with SFA conditions. The grant may be renewed only while the sponsor is still in active service with DLSU. The grant may be renewed only up to the regular span of the student’s curriculum as indicated in the program checklist.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
on or before April 15 DLSU CAT schedule to be announced by the DLSU OAS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • DLSU CAT coverage


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