Like you, I'm an incoming high school senior this June. A few months ago I was just like you, curious how to be accepted into the countries top universities but because of Academic Clinic ( and forums I now have an idea how. You could also go to the school's website and read about their admission guidelines. P.S.- It doesn't matter what school you came from- the universities check your grades not your background.

by Missy Tan on Yahoo Answers:

DLS-CSB Entrance Academic (ENTRACA) Scholarship

DLS-CSB Entrance Academic (ENTRACA) Scholarship

Scholarship Background

The ENTRACA is a scholarship awarded to the top 20 scorers in the Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE).

Scholarship Benefits

May enroll in any degree program (Except for BSBA-MM or BSBA-MM)
Full tuition and fees waiver

Scholarship Qualifications

be among the top 20 scorers in the Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE)

Scholarship Requirements

This scholarship is merited and cannot be applied for.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
July to December Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE) released through DLS-CSB Admissions Center, Benilde Website, Senior Guidance Counselor and through your personal mailing address

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE) coverage


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