DLS-CSB Benildean Student Envoys Scholarship

DLS-CSB Benildean Student Envoys Scholarship

Scholarship Background

The DLS-CSB Benildean Student Envoys is a student group dedicated to fulfilling the college’s needs in external linkages and events. It aims to promote the value of service to, and life-long relationships with, the college while advancing the professional and personal development of the student envoys who work to promote the college in support of its vision and mission.

The Student Envoys are part of a student group dedicated to serving the College’s previous students (alumni), present students and future students (prospective applicants). It is also a support program for the Center for Linkages and Advancement (CLA), working to promote the College to its external stakeholders.

As exemplars of the College, these envoys are envisioned to embody the values and attitudes of Service, Integrity, Excellence, Benignity, Community and Truth, which ideally characterizes the Benildean Student.

Scholarship Benefits

-Full tuition and fees waiver
-Leadership training and personality
-development opportunities
-Activity-related allowances and stipends

Scholarship Qualifications

– Must be a student currently enrolled in DLS-CSB or Has at least 6 terms left
– Must have good academic standing, with a *CGPA of 3.0 every trimester (academic achiever)
– Must have no failures, withdrawals or grades lower than 2.0
– Must have very good written and verbal communication skills
– Must have a deep knowledge of the history and programs of the College and of the Lasallian heritage
– Must have no record of offenses
– Must have exemplary leadership potential
– Must have a pleasing personality
– Must be dependable and flexible

*CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average is computed by obtaining the sum of your GPA per term and dividing it by the total number of terms you have been enrolled in the school. Should you be a frosh, your high school grades will be the determinant for academic standing.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Visit Admissions Center at Taft Campus to obtain application payment slip then pay the non-refundable admission processing fee at Finance Department.
2. Secure an application form from the Admissions Center. Indicate the type of scholarship applied for in the form.
3. Fill out the application form {} that comes with the kit and submit it, together with complete admission and scholarship requirements, to Admission Center.
Only applications with correct and complete requirements shall be processed.
4. Once application requirements are completed, secure the test permit from the admissions staff. This permit specifies the date and time of the entrance exam.
5. Take the entrance exam on the specified date. No test permit, no exam.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
July 7 to November 24, 2014 (BEE schedule) October 19, 2014; November 9 and 16, 2014; December 7, 2014 released through DLS-CSB Admissions Center, Benilde Website, Senior Guidance Counselor and through your personal mailing address

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • Benildean Entrance Exam (BEE) coverage


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