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UP School of Statistics Student Council Scholarship Fund

UP School of Statistics Student Council Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Background

The UP School of Statistics Student Council (UPSSSC) is the official student governing body of the UP School of Statistics. It has committed itself to its mission, which is to provide relevant venues to intensify the interest in the field of statistics, develop the potentials of the studentry, advance students’ rights and welfare, awaken spirit of volunteerism and strengthen camaraderie.

It has committed itself to its goals of addressing the needs and concerns of the student body of the UP School of Statistics, aiding in the holistic development of the studentry, and committing to the pursuit of academic and service ideals it stands for.

The UPSSSC envisions a unified and proactive statistics community exemplifying academic excellence, social responsibility, principled volunteerism, and harmonious relationship within and beyond the UP Community.

Scholarship Benefits

P 5,000.00 per semester.

Benefits remitted every semester.

Funds with UP Diliman

Scholarship Qualifications

must be bona fide BS Statistics student of the University of the Philippines;
if an entering freshman, must have passed the UPCAT;
if already enrolled, must have obtained an average of “3.00” or better and must have carried a load of at least 15 units with no grade of “5.00” or unremoved “4.00” or “inc.” in the semester immediately preceding the application; must be enrolled in at least 15 units at the time of the grant;
must be financially needy (parents’ annual gross income must not exceed P 100,000.00).

Scholarship Requirements

scholarship is renewable every semester.

Renewal: “3.00” or better

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
June no examinations to be announced by the UP Diliman OSSS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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