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Vicente B. Bello Scholarship Program

Vicente B. Bello Scholarship Program

Scholarship Background

The VBBSP is a scholarship program named after Vicente Brillantes-Bello. He graduated with a BS Education from the University of the Philippines in 1928. He loved teaching and was a teacher all his life.

Scholarship Benefits

The Scholarship does not include matriculation and tuition fees instead it covers the following expenses for one semester:

book allowance of P 2,500.00 per semester
living allowance of P 3,000.00 per month x 5 = P 15,000.00 per semester
transportation and misc. expenses allowance of P 500.00 per month x 5 = P 2,500.00

total of P 20,000.00 per semester

Scholarship Qualifications

1. must be financially in need. The applicant must be an STFAP grantee (Bracket E, D, C) provided the annual gross family income does not exceed P 150,000.00
2. must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action worse than a five-day class suspension
3. Must present latest copy of grades and letter of recommendation from their respective Unit Heads and former professors along with other requirements, if not a freshamn applicant.

Scholarship Requirements

1. requirements shall be selected based on the entrance exams scores and results of verification of information submitted to the scholarship committee.
2. copy of Application for Scholarship (STFAP)
3. copy of Entrance Exam Score in participating Universities
4. copy of High School grades/ report card
5. copy of parents’ Income Tax Return
6. copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character
7. copy of Letter of Recommendation (2)

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
August no examinations to be announced by the Scholarship Board of the participating universities

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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