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Robert G. Cheng-Uratex Undergraduate Scholarship

Robert G. Cheng-Uratex Undergraduate Scholarship

Scholarship Background

RGC Foam Group is part of the RGC Group of Companies, one of the most progressive manufacturers in the Philippines today. The Group’s thriving foam business began in 1968 when Robert Cheng realized his dream of producing high-quality foam. He founded Polyfoam Chemical Corporation and, later on, expanded into related businesses to address the growing needs of the automotive, furniture, bedding, footwear, textile, garment, and food industries.

Scholarship Benefits

1. Tuition, Miscellaneous and laboratory fees not to exceed P 28,000.00 per semester.
2. Monthly stipend of P 3,600.00 for five months per semester.
3. Additional P 1,000 per month lodging allowance for out of town students who need to stay in a boarding house or dormitory.
4. support for summer enrollment if necessary, tuition, miscellaneous fees not to exceed P 8,000.00 for the summer session. P 3,600.00 per month for two months and P 1,000.00 per month for two months for out of town students staying in a boarding house or dormitory.
5. other expenses that may be requested by the scholar and approved of the UP Diliman College of Engineering and the UPERDFI, subject to availability of funds.

Scholarship Qualifications

1. must be Filipino Citizen
2. must be enrolled and have been accepted in a degree program on a full time basis in the College of Engineering
3. must have carried a normal load of at least 15 units in the semester immediately preceding the application (except freshmen)
4. must not have been subject of any disciplinary action that warranted suspension
5. must not be a beneficiary of any scholarship other than the STFAP at the time of the application
6. must have applied to the STFAP and have been bracketed in Bracket C, D, E1 and E2.

Scholarship Requirements

1. The scholarship may be enjoyed by the student for a maximum of six years.
2. The scholarship in renewable every semester until the recipient finishes a degree program under the UP Diliman College of Engineering provided the recipient continues to meet the scholarship qualifications
3. the scholarship shall be terminated for any of the following reasons:
-the student have been disqualified from any engineering degree program
-the student has shifted to a non-engineering degree program
-the student has opted for a non major status
-the student has been found guilty of a disciplinary charge
4. a scholar will not be allowed to take a Leave of Absence without prior permission from the UP Diliman College of Engineering Scholarships Committee. In the event that the student is allowed to go on a Leave of Absence, the scholarship benefits shall be suspended.


1. the UP Diliman College of Engineering shall recommend the scholars to be appointed to the UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation Inc. (UPERDFI)
2. qualified applicants having greater financial need shall be given preference in the selection
3. if a scholar fails to renew the scholarship, a replacement shall be selected to fill the vacated scholarship slot.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
June no examinations to be announced by the UP Diliman OSSS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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