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Menzi Trust Fund Inc. Scholarship

Menzi Trust Fund Inc. Scholarship

Scholarship Background

Brig. Gen. Hans Menzi’s dedication to serving the Filipino People-particularly the youth-was manifested through the establishment of the Menzi Trust Fund, Inc. on October 21, 1976. Created as a non-stock, no-profit corporation, Menzi Trust Fund, Inc. aims primarily to promote, conduct and encourage the advancement and development of education, scientific research and training as well as related activities designed to contribute to the maximization of economic productivity and community development.

The endeavor is carried our through financial aid and support, grants, scholarships, donations and other forms of assistance our of the resources of the Trust Fund.

Scholarship Benefits

Scholarship grants of the Fund take the form of graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships. These are awarded for full-time study at appropriate institutions of higher education in the Philippines and, in very meritorious cases, at foreign educational institutions.

-MPRT pays all matriculation, tuition and other school fees of the grantee;
-monthly stipend of P700.00/month for 5 months per semester;
-transportation allowance for P300.00/month for 5 months per semester (P1,000.00 stipend and P500.00 transportation allowance per month in Metro Manila);
-textbook allowance of P500.00 per semester, subject to submission of covering receipts

Scholarship Qualifications

The grants are awarded to individuals who are citizens of the Philippines on the basis of the individual’s ability as evidenced by academic records, letters of recommendation, interviews and scores obtained in examinations designed to measure intelligence, creativity, scientific aptitude and achievement.

Undergraduate and Technological Courses
a. Not over 25 years of age at the time of selection;
b. A citizen of the Philippines;
c. Male;
d. Physically fit and of good moral character;
e. Graduating or has already graduated from high school;
f. Belongs to the upper 10% in a graduating class;
g. Financially incapable of pursuing studies (annual family per capita income not exceeding Php12,000);
h. NSAT score of 85% or above.

Graduate Courses
a. A bachelor’s degree holder;
b. Not over 35 years old;
c. A citizen of the Philippines;
d. Male;
e. Physically fit and of good moral character

Scholarship Requirements

-Grantees for both the undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships are selected on the basis of a nationwide competition. Awards are generally for a period of one academic year subject to automatic renewal in meritorious cases.

-All requirements needed must be attached to the duly accomplished application form and submitted to the MPRT Secretariat:
a. Certified true copy of Form 137-A for undergraduate scholarship or
Transcript of Records for graduate studies.
b. Copy of NSAT result.
c. Certification of responsible school official that the applicant belongs to
the upper 10% of a graduating class (for undergraduate and
technological courses only).
d. Health certificate from a Government Physician.
e. Copy each of Income Tax Return and Residence Certificate of
applicant and those of his parents.
f. Certificate of good moral character.
g. Three (3) recommendations (not relatives of the applicant).
h. Police/NBI clearance

-Applicants, through their duly accomplished application forms & interviews are initially evaluated by the Scholarship Director of the participating institution.

-Applicants preliminarily selected are notified and scheduled for examination by the Scholarship Director of the participating institution and/or his staff.

Successful applicants are subjected to complete physical and medical examinations by the participating institution.

-The grantee shall render an individual report on the progress of his work, including subjects taken, grades attained and his personal situation at the end of each semester and submit the same to the Scholarship Director of the participating institution who shall forward same to the Secretariat of the Scholarship Committee of MPRT, together with his comments and recommendations for continuation/suspension/termination of the grant, which shall be the basis for remitting further semestral funds for the grantee.

Renewal: “2.00”

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
january Scheduled by participating institutions May

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • intelligence, creativity, scientific aptitude and achievement


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