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UPAA Toronto Scholarship Program

UPAA Toronto Scholarship Program

Scholarship Background

In the summer of 1977, an organizational meeting, spearheaded by Solomon Exmundo and attended by around 200 potential members, was held in Toronto – thus was launched the U.P. Alumni Association in Metro Toronto. It elected its first Board of Directors which in turn elected an Executive Council in accordance with the Constitution and, almost immediately, plunged into its first cultural project.

UPAA Toronto now has a wide-ranging membership. With Noel Cruz at the helm, it continues with its annual dances and picnics and other much-anticipated socials in its calendar. It quietly goes about its business, making itself relevant to the Filipino and Canadian communities. It is committed to raising funds to support our Alma Mater’s grants and scholarship programs.

The UPAA Toronto Scholarship and the UPAA Toronto Professorial Chair are administered by the UP Foundation Inc. and conditions for the awards will both be in accordance with applicable university policies and guidelines.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship amounts to the sum of PhP 25,000 every semester (excluding summer)

Scholarship Qualifications

1. The applicant must be a bonafide student of the University of the Philippines, Diliman who is at least of second year standing and with at least one (1) year residence in the College of Science.
2. The applicant must be enrolled in a BS degree program of the College of Science.
3. The applicant must have a Curriculum Weighted Average Grade (CWAG) of 1.80 or better and must not have incurred a grade of 2.50 in any subjects taken. An applicant with a grade of “INC” may still qualify provided the deficiency had been completed before application.
4. The applicant must comply with University and College of Science rules on probation and good scholastic standing (e.g. 60% rule/semester and 24-unit rule/academic year).
5. The annual gross income of the applicant’s family must not exceed PhP 300,000 based on their income tax returns, or the applicant falls under STFAP Brackets D – E.
6. The applicant must be of good moral character and have not been the subject of any disciplinary action by the University, nor have been convicted of any crime.

Scholarship Requirements

1. Duly accomplished application form
2. One (1) 2”x 2” photo
3. Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents must not exceed PhP 300,000 p.a.
4. Most recent True Copy of Grades with a computation of Cumulative Weighted Average Grade
(CWAG) of 1.80 or better and must not have incurred a grade of 2.50 in any subjects taken.
5. Certification of good moral character from the College and Office of Student
Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT), Rm. 202, Vinzon’s Hall.
6. Two recommendation letters from former professors.

Renewal of the scholarship is NOT automatic, A recipient must apply again for the scholarship for the following semester and will be evaluated together with the new applicants subject to all conditions stated in the qualifications above.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
August 22, 2014 no examinations to be announced by the Office of the Associate Dean for Student and Public Affairs, CS

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • none


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