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Google Keep: A Must Have Reminder App for Students



by:  Wally Tapas

Finding it hard to sort out tasks? Do you hold your smartphone more often than sticky notes? No worries! Google Keep, a virtual app that comes into view like your own handy bulletin board is here to make your chores, lighter to organize.

With Google keep, you don’t need to think much of how to arrange your tasks as it provides a user-friendly interface (like Windows-operated smartphones). You can swipe, switch, pull out and long press it for more options.

Google Keep offers the following primary features:

Quick notes– as you open the app, you can swiftly type your reminder by clicking the Add quick notes.

List– in bullet-type form, you can list down your things to buy, steps to cook a meal, or things to bring for tomorrow. Once a task is done, simply click the box before the item to cross it out. It would go down and so would sort out from the unfinished ones.

Pin a photo- to easily remember a task, you can take or upload a photo from your own drive or your drive from the internet i.e. Google Drive

Record- it would open built-in google microphone so you can just record what you need to remember. This is advantageous especially when the reminder is long that typing it would be cumbersome.

Alarm– since you won’t open Google Keep 24/7, you can set the time to remind you.

Location-based Reminder– set the location where Google Keep will remind you by typing the place like Supermarket or a restaurant.

 keep2(Screenshot taken from desktop)

keep3(location appears on the lowest portion of the item)

 Customizable– you can choose a background color of each item to make it distinguishable and a little aesthetically appealing.


Search Engine- if you remember something you typed down from the past, hit the search button and allow Google Keep quickly find it for you. It will search even the ones with images and audio, provided that you typed a note below them.

Sync– when your phone is not available, you can access this app on the internet by typing http://keep.google.com/ on your android browser at http://g.co/keep and even on Google Chrome at http://goo.gl/pQvKtH

Other features:

  • Downloading the app is free
  • No sign up needed since your Google account is signed up in playstore
  • No need to save reminders as it automatically appears on the dashboard once you go back
  • Archive is available to save your previous tasks

keep5(Screenshot from Google Playstore)

With this Google Keep app, managing our daily tasks would be lighter and will not compromise more time and effort. So the next time you have to take down exam schedules, date of presentation in the office, or just to secure your wishlist, let Google Keep do the managing for you.

Google Keep for Android is available at:



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