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Philippine National Police Academy Scholarship

Philippine National Police Academy Scholarship

Scholarship Background

The Philippine National Police Academy was established under Section 19, Presidential Decree 1184 and became a primary component of the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC) pursuant to Section 67 of Republic Act No. 6975 which was created to provide preparatory education and training of the three uniformed bureaus of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) namely, Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP).

PNPA is committed to develop the cadets into public safety service officers imbued with professional competence, management leadership skills, sound moral character, and wholesome personality befitting that of a professional “law enforcer with a heart” based on strong democratic ideals, concepts and processes practiced as a way of life through academic freedom, the Honor System, and firm respect for authority and human rights.

Scholarship Benefits

FREE (and quality) education as well as a training

While undergoing the 4-year cadetship program, cadets receive monthly pay and allowances to meet education and training requirements such as uniforms, subsistence, books, school equipment and supplies, toiletries, laundry, haircut, etc.

PNPA cadets are recipient of full college scholarship from the government. Upon admission, they are entitled training pay and allowances:
1.Initial Clothing supplies worth P24,000.00
2.Basic Pay – 14,538.00/mo
3.Additional Compensation – 500.00/mo
4.Personal Economic Relief Allowance – 500.00/mo
5.Clothing Allowance – 100.00/mo
6.Subsistence Allowance – 90.00/day

Upon completion of the course, graduates:
1.are conferred the Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS) degree;
2.has the option to choose the branch of service: PNP, BFP or BJMP;
3.are appointed as Police, Fire and Jail Inspectors (Lieutenant);
4.may pursue graduate studies
5. A chance to receive a handshake from the Philippine President upon graduation (Philippine president will be the one who will give the diploma)
6.Can be a STAR rank GENERAL someday

Scholarship Qualifications

Initial Requirements for Admission:
PNPA needs able, responsible and well-motivated youths who have the aptitude for service to meet the varied and challenging duties of a public safety service officer.
a. Natural born Filipino citizen;
b. Of good moral character;
c. Male or female, single,with no parental and financial obligation to anybody;
d. 18 to 22 years old at the time of admission;
e. Height of at least 162.5 cm (5ft 4in) for male, and 157.5cm (5ft 2 in) for female;
f. Weight must not be more than or not less than five (5) kilograms of the standard weight correspondingto height, age, and sex;
g. At least high school graduate;
h. Must be able to perform the standard physical fitness exercises
Must be able to perform the following physical fitness exercises:
Pull-Ups 3 (Male and Female)
Full Arms Hanging 30 sec (Female)
2 min Push-Ups 15 (male) 10 (female)
2 min Sit-Ups 30 (male) 25 (female)
100 meter dash 18 sec (male) 20 sec (female)
3 km run 27 mins (male) 30 mins (female)
i. Physically and mentally fit for cadetship training;
j. No criminal, administrative, or civil case and other derogatory record(s);
k. Not a former cadet of PNPA or other service academies;
l. Must pass the Cadet Admission Test (CAT)

Applicants who graduated as CLASS VALEDICTORIAN/ SALUTATORIAN during high school or CUM LAUDE,/MAGNA CUM LAUDE OR SUMA CUM LAUDE IN THEIR BACCALAUREATE DEGREES are exempted to take the PNPACAT; however they must submit application forms on or before the deadline.

The PNPA Cadetship Program is a government Scholarship Program. Admitted Cadets must complete the Cadetship Program and serve the government either in the PNP, BFP or BJMP services for the prescribed period (two years of service for every year of scholarship). Admitted cadets shall pay back the expenses incurred for his/her scholarship should he/she fail to complete the Cadetship Program. Graduates shall reimburse the government the expenses incurred during their Cadetship Program if they fail to complete the required years of service.

Scholarship Requirements

1.Get a copy of either OLD or NEW PNPACAT application forms. Applicants may upload application form at or thru PNPA FB ACCOUNT. The two page application form can be printed in a hard copy either in A4 size or long bond papers. Applicant may print the application form in two separate pages or in a back to back hard copy.

2. Fill up the entries on the application form. Write legibly with no erasures. Incomplete entries are ground for disqualification such as incomplete address or no address, no signature, no birth date, digitally edited/completely enhanced pictures through photoshop which completely different to the actual facial features of the applicant or no pictures attached and other defects which might be noted by the registrar.

3. The application form should be sent to the address indicated on the letter head of the application form. Applicants may submit application forms personally at PNPA SILANG CAVITE or through snail mail; postal; express mails : LBC,TO GO, GRS Express; Air PHiL, etc.
* Submit duly accomplished application together with a self-stamped WINDOW ENVELOPE to the Office of the Registrar or mail to:
The Director, (Attn: Registrar), Philippine National Police Academy, Camp General Mariano N Castañeda, 4129 Silang, Cavite

4. Online application is not yet activated. And online applicants are the least priority during the registration of qualified applicants.

5. There are no other required documents to submit/attach with the application form except for the following : 1) window envelope; 2) postal stamp; 3) passport size picture with name tag and with white background;

5. Qualified applicants for PNPACAT will be receiving notices or permit to take the exam from September to October. In case the applicants failed to receive notices or permit to take the exam from PNPA registrar, he/she may check his/her name at or PNPA FB account. Once his/her name is included in the list of qualified examinees posted at the said web address, he/she should proceed at the examination center or venue posted the said PNPA web site and should bring at least two valid IDs (latest) during the examination.

6. All qualified applicants must bring at least two 2X2 pictures with white background, PENCILS no 2, rubber erasers and at least two valid IDs on the day of examination.


a. NO SIGNATURE affixed on the application form by the applicant.
b. INCOMPLETE data on the birthday entries.
c. The address is not indicated. Incomplete residential address of applicants.
d. Attached photo is digitally enhanced/ fully edited thru photoshop which completely different from the actual facial features of the applicants.
e. Overage or underage applicants.
f. Improperly filled up application forms.
g. Former cadet of PNPA or resigned cadet from other service academies (PMA, PMMA. MAAP)

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
Sept 26, 2014 October 26, 2014 to be announced

Scholarship Exam Coverage

  • Communication Skills
  • Logical and Reasoning Ability
  • Math and Sciences
  • General Information and Current Events
  • Values and Aptitude for the Service


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