Thank you po. Dream school eh, though I might want to go to UPD someday. ^^ Of course! Malaking tulong po sa 'kin ang academic clinic! In fact, my lowerclassmen ask me for advice and UPCAT updates, and I know all those thanks to AC. ^^ Yes, I see those. I read them often and share them with my batchmates. ^^

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Universidad de Santa Isabel President’s Scholarship

universidad de santa isabel president's scholarship

Scholarship Background

The University provides greater access to quality Catholic Vincentian Education through scholarships and grants.  The President Scholarship is categorized into Full President Scholarship, Half President Scholarship and President Service Grant. These are all awarded upon the discretion of the University President.

Scholarship Benefits

full tuition fee
half tuition discount
financial grant

Scholarship Qualifications

deserving students who belong to the socially disadvantaged sector in recognition of their outstanding academic performance and/or special talents along the areas of arts, music, sports, graphics, computer animations, leadership, community service and the like

Scholarship Requirements

Qualified applicants are required to submit a written application and a written recommendation from a teacher, adviser, moderator, dean, administrator or principal.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Scholarship Exam Coverage


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