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Submitted by: John P. Labilles, Jr

So you didn’t get into UP Baguio huh? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this. There’s still hope that you can get into UP Baguio, through good old-fashioned reconsideration!

Don’t think you can make the cut? Don’t worry I’ve broken the reconsideration process down for you, so it’s easy to understand. Now let’s see if we can get you into the Baguio campus.

Is Your UPG Enough?

First things first,you want to see if your UPG makes the cut-off. In case you didn’t know, every UP campus has a specific UPG cut-off for reconsideration. As of February 2014, UP Baguio’s cut-off bracket is2.456, so if your UPG is higher or is equal to 2.456, then good! First big thing out of the way, and you can start looking at courses in UP Baguio you might want.

Something to note though, is UP campuses tend to change their cut-offs every year, so it’s always good to contact the Admissions office at UP Baguio to be safe!

Now sometimes when you get your letter from UP, you may see that there’s a line of asterisks where your UPG should be. That means you have a deficient requirement and they are withholding your UPG until you submit that requirement (think, “pending” case but you didn’t pass UP).

           Since you will need your UPG for reconsideration, you have to contact the Registrar and ask them what you are missing and you have to pass that requirement ASAP because they will set a deadline for the submission of deficient requirements. Once you submit your requirement they will ask you to wait for a week or so, so they can process your UPG and then you will either have to contact them to get it or they might send it to your school’s registrar.

 File Your Forms!

        When you’ve decided on your course, and you’ve seen that your UPG qualifies, you better go file your forms and requirements! You’re going to need a photocopy of your UPCAT scores and UPG, and your reconsideration form, which you can get from the Admissions office of UP Diliman.  UP Baguio doesn’t have an explicit deadline for the filing of reconsideration requirements but they will announce people who have been accepted for reconsideration by April 11, 2014 so it’s best to file now rather than worry about it later. And don’t worry about having to get yourself to Baguio to file your forms, because you can always fax your requirements to the UP Baguio OUR at the number listed at the end of this post.

               Now once you’ve filed, your UPCAT subtest scores are going to decide whether you get into your desired courses or not, because if your percentile scores in each subtest don’t make the cut for the courses you want, then you aren’t going to be accepted.

      Depending also on your course choices, they might call you in to Baguio for an interview as an extra step in the reconsideration process for your course. This might make some people nervous but hey! Just smile, be sincere and show them you have what it takes to be in UP, and you’ll be okay.

Now We Wait And See…

Once everything is over and done with, UP Baguio’s OUR will announce the names of the students who are going to be offered the available slots sometime in early April. Let’s hope you’re one of them!

And if you aren’t, it’s okay to be sad or disappointed. That’s natural, but don’t let it get the best of you! Let yourself feel sad for a moment but once that moment is over, get back on your feet!

If you have any more questions about something that wasn’t covered here, you can contact the UP Baguio OUR using the details listed here:

UP Manila Office of the University Registrar
Governor Center Rd, Baguio

Telefax:(074) 442 7231

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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