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Submitted by: John P. Labilles, Jr

I’m betting you’re one of the 70,000+ hopefuls who were absolutely shocked to see the UPCAT results released a month early last December huh? I bet that set the tone for a very merry Christmas. And since you’re reading this article, I’m also betting you didn’t pass U.P Manila. If my guess was correct, then welcome! You’ve come to the right place—er, article– because today we’re going to talk about how to apply for reconsideration into the Manila campus of the University of The Philippines!

Let’s get into it, yeah?

STEP 1: Check if your UPG falls within the reconsideration cut-off.

Okay first, check your UPG. Your UPG should be in the letter UP sent you, along with your UPCAT scores. Now, if you want to get into UP Manila your UPG has to fall between 2.285 – 2.5. Any lower than that… We’ll have to consider a different campus. (Although UP campuses tend to adjust their cut-offs annually so it’s best to call the UPM Registrar to REALLY make sure.)

If in case that instead of your UPG on the letter there’s a bunch of asterisks, that means you have a deficient requirement and they are withholding your UPG until you submit said requirement (sort of like if you were a “Pending” case, but you didn’t pass any of your campus choices). In order for you to get your UPG, you have to contact the Registrar and ask them what you are missing and you have to be quick about this because they will set a deadline for the submission of deficient requirements. Once you submit your requirement they will ask you to wait for a week or so, so they can process your UPG and then you will have to contact them to get it.

STEP 2:File for reconsideration!

Once you’re sure that your UPG falls into the reconsideration bracket, then you have to get yourself off your computer desk/ floor/ bed/ wherever you’re reading this on right now and grab a photocopy of your UPG and UPCAT scores, a pen, and P150.00 to pay for the reconsideration/processing fee, and head to . And I mean NOW because UP Manila’s reconsideration deadline is on February 28, 2014! And no, you can’t send your parents in your place. You have to be there in person.

 Assuming you get to the UP Manila OUR on time, you’re going to have to fill up a reconsideration formand indicate two BS or BA courses you want to go for! From this point your UPCAT subtest scores are going to determine whether you get into those courses or not, because if your percentile scores in each subtest don’t make the cut for the courses you want, then you aren’t going to be accepted.

     Depending also on your course choices, you will be subject to an interview. Yes, you read that right, an interview. Now, now I know that that word in the bold, italicized text may scare you but don’t worry! Keep your cool and make sure you show them that you have the conviction and determination it takes to be an Iska or Isko and all will be good.

They will ask you questions like: “Why do you want to be a student at UP Manila?” or “Why did you choose this course?” If you’re nervous, take a note from Queen Elsa of Arendelleand “conceal it, don’t feel it” for the moment and give them reasons to think you deserve a second chance.


After the interview, you’re going to wait for around a week to get the announcement by the OUR of the students who are going to be offered the available slots. You have done what you could, and all you can do is pray to whatever deity you believe in that you are one of those students.

If you aren’t… well it’s not the end of the world! Everybody finds his or her place somewhere, eventually. Maybe yours just isn’t in UP Manila. College is what you make of it, m’dears.

If you have any more questions about something that wasn’t covered here, you can contact the UPM OUR using the details listed here:

UP Manila Office of the University Registrar
Padre Faura corner Maria Orosa Streets, Ermita, Manila City, Metro Manila

Telephone: 524-0534

 Good luck!


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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  1. Ano pong mga course ang may interview? Wala nmn pong sinabi na may interview noong nagsubmit kami ng waitlist form. Thank you po. 🙂

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