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Submitted by: John P. Labilles, Jr

Well hello possums! Welcome to my article on the UP Los Baños reconsideration process. We’re going to talk about what you have to do to get your second chance at becoming a student of the Los Baños campus of the University of the Philippines.

The UPG Requirement

Currently, the two minimum requirements for reconsideration into UP Los Baños are a UPG of at least 2.800 and that in your UPCAT forms, you chose UP Los Baños as a campus choice.

Got these two down? Then great! You can start looking at courses in UP Los Baños that you like and fill up the reconsideration forms, which can be found here.

If you get your letter from UP and you see that there’s a line of asterisks instead of your UPG,that means you’re missing a certain requirement and they are withholding your UPG until you submit that requirement.

        Obviously you need your UPG to apply for reconsideration, so you need to contact the Registrar and ask them what you are missing and pass that requirement ASAP because they set a deadline for the submission of deficient requirements. After you submit the missing requirement, they will ask you to wait for a week or so, so they can process your UPG and then you will either have to contact them to get it or they might send it to your school’s registrar instead.

Pass the Form!

        Is your UPG is higher than 2.800? Have you chosen the two courses you want? Have you filled up the forms? If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions then great! You can head on over to UP Los Baños’ OUR with a photocopy of your UPG and UPCAT subtest scores, and P100.00 to pay for the processing fee. You have to file quickly though because UP Los Baños has set a deadline of March 14, 2014 for the applications for reconsideration.

 When you’ve filed, your UPCAT subtest scores are going to be the deciding factor as to whether or not you get into your desired courses, because if your percentile scores in each subtest don’t make the cut for the courses you want, then you aren’t going to be accepted. A link to the subtest score requirement for each program can be found here.

      Depending on your course choices, they will bring you and your fellow applicants in for interviews on April 15 -16, as an extra step in the reconsideration process for your course. If you’re nervous, that’s perfectly natural! But never allow it to get the best of you. Make sure your positive points shine through and sell it to the interviewer! Give them reasons to make you into an Isko or Iska!

And Now… We Wait.

Once everything is done, after you’ve filed your application and you have been interviewed, UP Los Baños’ OUR will announce the names of the students who are going to be offered the available slots on April 30, 2014. While you’re waiting, you’ll probably want to pray to God or Allah, or whatever holy deity you may or may not believe in, that you are going to be granted one of these coveted slots.

And if you aren’t, it’s perfectly fine and natural to be upset or disappointed. You’re only human and you’ve done what you could. It’s fine to allow yourself to feel the sadness but don’t let it overcome you. You can let yourself feel sad for a moment, but once that moment is over; get back on that horse! Go move on to Plan B or whatever fallback plans you may have.

Everyone finds his or her place in due time and who knows? You may not be an Iska or Isko but maybe you’ll find yourself in bigger and better places in the future.  

 If you have any other concerns that were not covered by this post, you can contact the UPLB OUR through these details:

 UP Los Baños Office of Public Relations

Telephone: (049) 536-2928
Fax: (049) 536-3604

May the odds be ever in your favor!


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Please be advised. Thank you.

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  1. Late ko na po natanggap yung UPG ko kaya last March 19 na po ako nakapag fill up nung waitlist form. Hindi po kami hiningian ng processing fee. Do you think isasama pa rin nila yung waitlist form ko?

  2. ..Paano po yun,hindi pa po namin nakukuha yung UPG namin hanggang ngayon pero sa March 14 na ang deadline for reconsideration. Help us naman po.

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