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UPCAT: To Try, or To Avoid the Track?


UPCAT: To Try, or To Avoid the Track?
By Jenny Gabao

The root of every success is to seek-knowing that one can prove his/her capabilities to do something by purpose. But before everything else, one must know himself first; and that’s the key for enlightenment-knowing and doing what you can, with or without hesitations: Because what matters most is the way one surpasses it in the end.

If we know about someone who have passed the UPCAT, we can never question the ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ anymore. It’s either we just mumble a “Wow,” or really look up into the person that high. But, we sometimes neglect the fact on how they shaved their brows by giving much emphasis on it; Too much focus on the results, then we can no longer realize the truth. The fact that we’re already on it, we tend to forget on how to see it-the other way around.

I am nothing but a simple student: Too lazy to review, but still have a record of good grades; I barely write notes and scan my books. Though I know that it shouldn’t be like that in the long run. So how am I planning to conquer the UPCAT? It’s never that easy, especially for a lazy one like me. I live like a loner in a house with such fake people: My father died recently, he’s a college undergraduate, but have lived his life happily by serving others, especially his family-with all his heart. My mother works as a domestic helper abroad-to earn for a living. Gossips keeps on wrecking her identity, but the way she stands undisputed with sincere faith inspires me. Defying all odds, she never failed to extend herself. I don’t even know how to sort things out, but I am now beginning to change my crooked ways of dealing with life. Well, we don’t have enough money to support my studies and others, but me and my love ones will do everything to fight poverty. I am not that smart to be one of the “Iskas,” but I am ready to face the challenge…

How am I going to overcome UPCAT? The tension and pressure as well. Big question. But I only have few words to serve as an answer; I really don’t have the intellect, but I think I do have the guts-to let me outweigh all factors defying my needs. I don’t even know how far my sincerity would lead me to try; All I am being sure about is that, getting ready enough by reviewing and mastering all possible queries for the upcoming UPCAT would bring me to where I should be. No unquestionable result would turn into an inevitable: I will go on by uprooting the values of being God’s creation. Not compromising the values from my beloved learning campus, I strongly stand for doing my best and centralizing it to our Creator for my plan-by stocking enough information and knowledge on my brain. So that whatever will be the results, may it be I am or not an UPCAT passer, I still am adhering to the laws; do’s and don’ts of being a student.

Words reflect like just revolving around me, but I confidently assert that there’s no harm in trying to do something one is capable of. After all, everything which would definitely upset us in the end-are the things which we were capable to do but eventually being left undone for we have let bad factors outweigh our passionate desires. That’s how I’ll look upon the consequences. To accept is the least best thing that I can do to live my life to the fullest; Bringing out excellence-with enough faith and courage to deal with any outcome. Days may count, but the things we do-are really those which will last. So, living life and leaving agitations behind would led me to the real flow of existence. So instead of avoiding this path because of my fears, I’ll take the risk and would try my best to pass this track.

UPCAT Essay by:
Jenny RoseJenny Rose Gabao


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  1. can you help me to decide if I am going to take UPCAT because I’m very nervous and I don;t want to waste money. Ever since, UP is my dream school but there are several hindrances. Please help!

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