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The Road of Endless Possibilities



A radiant smile, a look of contentment, self-confidence, and accomplishment – those are the looks you can find through a barbie doll’s face. In almost every little girl’s life, playing dolls is a part of childhood. One summer day, green-colored leaves swirled through the air and the chilly breeze carried its pleasant scent, an amalgamation of fresh cut grass and hundreds of flowers opening, bowing to the sun. As children played cheerfully, I sat on a bench, listening to the lazy drone of an airplane traveling across a sunlit sky. I slightly combed my doll’s hair and stared at its smiling face, cheerful eyes, just a kind of look that never seems to let you down. I couldn’t stop staring at it as the doll always gave me a feeling of positivity. Yet my attention got taken away and my eyes directed me to a different game, letting go of my favorite doll and joining the other children play. The thought of my barbie doll soon fluttered away.

Through hours of playing, the thought of the doll suddenly crossed my mind. I couldn’t remember where exactly I put it. Utterly bewildered, I combed through the freshly mown grass and scrutinized the woods, but unfortunately, my search bore no fruit. Sorrow washed over my soul as I couldn’t believe I lost my favorite doll that always cheered me up. I heaved a deep sigh and my feelings went crumbling. Tears fell down my cheeks and I walked home, crestfallen.

Over the years, the mystery loss of my barbie doll faded into a misty memory. But one afternoon, I was walking out of boredom and I grew a bit tired so I sat on a bench. It was sunset. An orange haze casted over the lake, reflecting off every wave. My phone fell and I went at the back of the bench and retrieved my phone. However, my eyes caught a sight of a pointed feet which happened to be from a doll. A big stone covered with thick grass lies behind a very familiar doll – my favorite barbie doll! My mouth gaped open and it came crashing to my consciousness that I finally found my doll. I half-screamed in excitement but the look of the doll made me froze. It was an absolute disaster. It looked as if it got strucked by lightning, heavy storm, and held onto its dear life during all those distress. Its disfigured arm seemed to have been mistaken for a worm by a savagely fierce bird. Dirt, fallen leaves, and other scattered fragments were twisted together onto its once shiny locks. Nevertheless, one thing stood out as I stared at my favorite barbie doll: its face, wearing that cheerful smile and sparkling eyes.

My dreams lie far beyond and I am ready to step out and immerse myself into a world of endless possibilities. Conquering the UPCAT, it is such a great step to build up the road that can shape up my mere future. And that’s how I’m going to overcome UPCAT. With head held high and the vibe of positivity, I will conquer it just like how my doll battled unexpected challenges. I will vanquish it with a smile plastered on my face no matter what challenges I would have to go through. I will strive hard with potential, passion for learning, and a heart.

It had dawned on me a long time ago that if you really want something, you shouldn’t waste the opportunities that lie ahead of you. I can’t give up when I haven’t even started yet. I know can pick up a good fight and still lose, because I know that there are just things that, for whatever reason, I have to carry along with me as hardwork will not always equate to success. Nevertheless, this is a world of endless chances. Not all the opportunities close and there will always be a door that is open and the one that is meant for you. For some, it is made clear that the choices we make will have an immense impact for the rest of our lives. I have dreams for myself and for my future. I try and obtain it little by little and I do not want to get lost in the midst of walking on this pathway. I’m thankful enough that Brain Train and Academic Clinic have given this chance to us hopeful students.

So UPCAT, I’m thriving and striving to reach the peek of my goal. For my dreams and future, I will plunge myself on doing the best that I can to conquer you! One day, I would love to see myself wearing a radiant smile, a look of contentment, and accomplishment, just like how my doll defeated life’s challenges and successfully overcome it without a trace of losing hope shown on its face. I will walk until I reach the end of the road of endless possibilities.


UPCAT Essay by:
Nailah HishamNailah Hisham Casimiro



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