Thanks a lot Academic Clinic! I didn't attended review classes this summer but you are a great help! Hope to be one of the UPCAT passers who are a product of your benevolence! Thank you! To my fellow takers tomorrow, good luck and God bless!

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SARAP. It’s a word from the Filipino language indicating delicious or yummy. But, you may notice that I capitalized all the letters. That’s because I used SARAP as an acronym indicating how I shall conquer the UPCAT. So, let’s start revealing the meaning of those letters.

S. The very important ingredient to pass the UPCAT. Do you have any ideas on what it means? Well, if not, S means STUDY. Study. Study. Study. This is the most obvious thing to do if you plan to take the UPCAT. Of course, I have done studying on my own in Academic Clinic’s sample exams. It helped me a lot especially about giving me ideas on what to expect in UPCAT. I also learned different things from the explanations provided in every question. Answering the tests on the website sure helped me understand my lessons better, especially in Language! I have had a hard time answering those, but the results are worth it.

Academic Clinic has really helped me. But I want more. Why, you ask? Because reviewing for exams sure is hard enough, but reviewing different topics from Science to Math to Language Proficiency to Reading Comprehension is more than torture if I do it alone. That is why I want to attend Brain Train classes. Going to Brain Train would obviously ease this step as they know the best tips and techniques about the four types of exams of UPCAT.

Next letter! A. That A stands for ASSURANCE. Before taking the UPCAT, nervousness can be your greatest enemy. Of course, if you are about to take the UPCAT with butterflies on your stomach, mental block can easily invade your brain. That is why, assurance or self-confidence is important in taking the UPCAT. You might ask how I might get self-confidence. Well, I’ve got to steps. First is to listen to words of motivation from other people, and even myself. Second is to study. Again, that word. Studying gives you confidence to take the UPCAT. And of course, studying with Brain Train and can triple, even quadruple that confidence.

The next letter is R representing REST. A stressed brain is not advisable for taking any exams, especially UPCAT. And the best thing against stress is rest. In the upcoming vacation, I plan to rest for a month, then study for the other month, hopefully, in the Brain Train Review Center. But nevertheless, I shall rest always for this is the easiest step on my plan.

The fourth one, A. it means ASPIRATION. Aspiration is synonymous to desire, ambition or passion. In taking the UPCAT, without your desire or aspiration, you might not pass it. As other Isko’s and Iska’s tell, UPCAT is not only a test for the brain. It’s also a test for your heart. But, this step is a giveaway because since I was in elementary, I wanted to study in UP. And hopefully, Brain Train and Academic Clinic can help me achieve my ambition.

The last and definitely not the least is P, standing for PERSEVERANCE. To pass the UPCAT, I need to work hard. Preparing for the UPCAT takes a lot of perseverance. There’s studying, spending money (for review centers which hopefully I will not do if I win this contest), staying late at night, and of course, writing this essay! It took me nearly five hours just to write this! This is a perfect example of perseverance or determination. To do all these things just to pass the UPCAT takes a lot of hard work. Well, if you aspire to study in UP, all these hard works don’t matter.

So that’s it. That completes the “SARAP” formula. Study. Assurance. Rest. Aspiration. Perseverance. These are the five things I need to do or have in order for me to conquer the UPCAT. I should just hope that Brain Train or Academic Clinic shall deem this essay worthy of a scholarship. But then again, I’m ready for rejection. Always should be. Because if I take the UPCAT, I shall be prepared for whatever the result is. But then again, again, Brain Train and Academic Clinic would be a huge help for me. But, as I read posts from different UP students in their pages, there’s always an option. If an opportunity closes, another door opens.


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