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Sacrifice Means Giving Up Good For The Best



I am tremendously determined to pass the UPCAT that I would even study real hard without being forced these torture subjects—Chemistry and Algebra—for the next months. I do not know if I would still survive the headaches these two subjects would provide me, if I am still capable of taking the exam without being ambulanced to the nearest hospital and be confined because of Massive Migraines due to Complicated Algebraic and Chemistry Equations. But it is indeed worth a shot to try and prepare well for the exam. As they say, it is okay to try and fail rather than to fail to try; so I would sacrifice my healthy mental-being for this examination; my future life’s prosperity depends on it and it’s the ticket of the fulfilment of my dreams. Knowing that you passed the UPCAT because you risked your psychological state sounds better than you knew you failed because you did nothing; you just idled around, knowing you did not put all of your efforts in passing the examination, am I right?

“The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.” says Greek philosopher Aristotle. Indeed. Studying Chemistry and Algebra are not the only things that I would do in the name of passing UPCAT. I would experience and sacrifice more in order to achieve my goal, because I do know that the prizes that are awaiting me on the finish line. There’s a lot more things that I should prepare for the test, and in this summer, I would give my time to reviewing all my past lessons in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year and studying in advance some of 4th year topics. That means the time in reading novels, surfing the net, shoving my nose in to literature, daydreaming, sleeping and eating, would be taken for granted due to UPCAT because all my time would be offered on what would help me to pass the examination.

Oh joy. The things I would do for your name, UP.
I would try enrolling in a review centre, possibly Brain Train, not just because their marketing is real good (the promoter who went in our school was really witty and entertaining) but the number of their passers are impressively high. I mean, they really post all of their students who were able to pass each year, they really got something to claim, and then it means that they really do something astounding to their students! Enrolling to a review centre wasn’t one of my options at first, but when I looked deeper on the thought, I discovered the advantages that it can offer me. It would prepare, train me to a battle in which the odds of losing are high, but after that particular training in different fields of battling, I’m sure that I would end up victorious.

I can also self-study, with the help of online sample tests, and a bunch of good books in every subject. I would also seek advices from the UPCAT Passers, I know two or more people that had passed the recent one. Eating regularly foods that can help improve memory, like nuts and blueberries, will be also a habit to be developed. I would try to exercise more regularly because studies have proven that exercise helps the brain to be more active and it is also for my health. Right amount of sleep should be also practiced to with organized amounts of knowledge to be taken in every day, I would not worry on cramming before the month itself in which the UPCAT would be held and hopefully have the chance to pass the exams.

To all the preparations and sacrifices for the examination, great faith to my religion is included. I completed last year’s Misa De Gallos (this experience includes a lot of groaning, whining, tears and eye bags) just to deserve the grant of my wish: to pass the exam. When we also went to Manaoag this January, I wished to the Lady of Manaoag to guide me in the exam, and I got my pencils blessed. It is also a habit of mine to include the request of passing the UPCAT in my prayers in wake and before sleep.

Faith to God isn’t also the only thing I should develop, but also faith in myself. Developing this confidence may be hard if you’ll differentiate at the stats of passers and takers, but it is one of the factors that are crucial in passing. Don’t judge me yet and call me a lunatic, but I talk to myself in the mirror and say “I will pass the exam and be able to scream like Kim Chiu in Ina, Kapatid, Anak, “’Andito na’ko UP!” even if I would do that in front of the Pampanga Campus, without the Oblation Statue. I would pass the UPCAT.” Because hey, believe me, it works. It lifts up my spirit; if I believe that I can do it, thrashing away all the doubts in me not passing, then who can stop me in being able to study at UP? Definitely, no one can. If I visualize the things that would happen after being one of the passers, it would fuel my desire and determination to get the ticket to study at U.P.

Some really serious and intense studying + doing all the things that helps improve and retain memory + enrolling in a review centre + faith to God + faith in myself = The ticket to my dreams. I’m coming for you, UPCAT!



UPCAT Essay by:
Roscelie DaniellRoscelie Daniell Dizon



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