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Pampers-MCNAP Aral Alaga program

Pampers-MCNAP Aral Alaga program

Scholarship Background

The program is a joint undertaking between MCNAP (mother and child nurses association of the philippines), a duly-recognized specialty organization of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), and Procter & Gamble through Pampers. It continues to equip Nursing students with the advanced knowledge they need to provide excellent care for mothers and children. To date, the program has awarded about 150 scholarships and produced the same number of maternal and child nurses.

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship is inclusive of tuition fees, books and laboratory allowance in their final two years in college.

opportunities to explore maternal and child care on a deeper level.

cash grant (estimated amount of PhP 100, 000)

chance to attend MCNAP activities and seminars, which allow them to meet and interact with practicing nurses and receive the latest information in child care

Scholarship Qualifications

must pass written and oral tests (interview and examination) given by MCNAP (mother and child nurses association of the Philippines); must qualify as one of the top most outstanding and most intellectually deserving students

Scholarship Requirements

nursing sophomore

students to scholars must undertake a case study on maternal and child care which provide a good learning experience for them.

Income Tax Return of parent, National Achievement Test (NAT) result, an essay such as “Why do you want to pursue a course in Maternal and Child Nursing,”

Number of Slots:  7

Scholarship Application Schedule:

Scholarship Exam Coverage:


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