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My way to plan and prepare, my way to conquer UPCAT



The University of the Philippines College Admission Test, or just simply, UPCAT. A battle of wisdom, knowledge and aptitude of thousands of aspiring third year students from all over the country. A test of heart and determination of students to turn their dream into reality. To be regarded as an Isko or Iska. A lot of students aspire to pass the UPCAT- to achieve their dreams and goals in life like myself.
In order to conquer the test, there are several things that I must acquire and accomplish. One of those things is reflecting. Reflecting all of the lessons and topics that I’ve learned. Not only the lessons but also the experiences I’ve encountered that will guide me towards success. Thinking of all the obstacles I passed using my own strength. Next thing to be accomplished is to enhance, enhance my mental skills and myself. I will always put my dream – to be an UPCAT Passer in my mind. I will prepare to conquer the UPCAT by putting my heart in everything I do. As one of the aspiring students who dream to be an UPCAT passer, getting an upper hand is fundamental and vital. By training my skills through practice and by reviewing in a Review Center like the Brain Train whenever I get an opportunity will boost my self confidence which is also necessary in conquering the UPCAT. If I am going to take a test in UPCAT, I must also be capable of accepting rejections. Paulo Coelho quoted “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” I will accept the results of the UPCAT optimistically and whole heartedly. Answering with our strengths is also significant. In UPCAT, there are no friends that will help you. The only one in which you can believe to, is your strength. In order to conquer the UPCAT, I must play with my strength. In addition to, one of the essentials to conquer the UPCAT is to endeavor or to make a great attempt. I must endeavor to finish the test and conquer it.
Croyez et Atteindre, Believe and Achieve. I will believe in my own hands that will hold and move the mighty pen freely. I will believe in my own skills and ability. My belief in God that allows me to pass all the obstacles in my life. Without him, I am nothing somewhere in where I am now. God is my only strength in my weaknesses. And Lastly, I will believe in my parents, friends and teachers who taught me the lessons of life. And with the person and things I believe into, I will achieve my dream, my dream to pass the UPCAT and turn the world upside down!
To summary, to conquer the UPCAT, one must accomplish or possess the REDHORSE Recipe. Reflect.Enhance.Dream.Heart.Opportunity.Strength.Rejections.Endeavor. Reflect all the lessons, enhance my skills, put my dream in my mind, place my heart in everything I do, take the opportunity, believe with my strength, be open to accept rejections and endeavor to conquer the UPCAT!


UPCAT Essay by:
Kobe JeeKobe Jee De Luna



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