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by Bettina Ysabelle Robles on An ACET Sample Essay and Some Tips

My Future in a Click


It was one of those cold, lazy weekdays that would make you want to ditch school just to catch a snooze at home all day. But being the good student I am, here I was physically sitting in class, mentally itching to just drift away.

I turned to glance at the teacher in front with furrowed eyebrows as I couldn’t fathom a word she was uttering. I then stared at the horizon this magical window beside me holds, wanting to fly across to search for my future ahead. Prior to my endeavor though, my thoughts began to flow on their own as I eventually drowned in them. College, my mind says; as if an iTunetrack on repeat. I flinched at the word. I was horrified. I haven’t thought of college just yet.

I have this firm conviction to graduate at the University of the Philippines if I want to become successful someday, with it having a big name in the academe as well as being known for one of the best educational providers in the Philippines. Seeing my name written in a diploma as an Iska graduate is indeed part of my Bucket List.

Feeling cloud bubbles floating on top of my head as I was lost in thought, a six-paged paper stapled together fell on the ground not far from where my feet were. My seat mate tapped me on the shoulder. I caught myself transported back to the real world.

‘Braintrain UPCAT Essay-Writing Contest 2014’, I mumbled as my eyes scanned through the paper. These words put together remind me of the link sent by a senior friend on Twitter last night. I continued to read through every page, feeling my insides turn to a twist as I see the key to my college planning crisis. An invisible bulb blinking repeatedly on the top of my head as I fished a pen and paper, I began writing as I welcomed every flash of idea my mind comes across with.

Mmmm, pancakes. There I was sniffing in the surprisingly delicious smell of mixed flour and eggs the very moment I arrived home. Taking a lot of will power, I chose to set aside my favorite snack dripping with honey and butter that had my mouth ready to devour every bit. I head to the computer, feeling motivated as I recall what the speaker once said during our school publication’s training: write, write, write, revise, revise, revise! I tap my finger on the keyboard in a rhythmic pattern, looking at the monitor and then finally, I breathe in a sigh of relief.

Yup, I’m done. Second thoughts roamed around my head but which was eventually replaced with a little hint of hope. Positivity shone in my eyes.

This is it, I thought. Click!


UPCAT Essay by:
Johanna FayeJohanna Faye Fungo



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