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How I Plan to Conquer the UPCAT!


The University of the Philippines College Admission Test, more commonly known as UPCAT has been a test of a student’s knowledge in the different basic subjects taken in his or her high school years. This is a test of skill and determination to be able to reach their dream, to finally be called a “Scholar ng Bayan”. But the UPCAT, although usually treated as an obstacle to be passed through, is actually a preparation for students that aspire to study at UP like myself.

And to pass this test, or any test for that matter, I believe that a person must play with his strengths. Be where you are most comfortable because it is important that you have the upperhand in a battle, and playing with your strengths gives you a fighting chance. A person must believe in himself because the mere fact that you are coming in the arena confident with yourself is already winning half the battle. And it takes a lot of courage to actually believe in your own self, especially living in this generation where insecurity plagues the teenagers because of the standards the society puts on us. Of course, confidence and your strength will be of no use if you do not prepare for your battle.

As I mentioned earlier, to pass this test, I will play with my strengths. I know that I can always be better than my old self by practicing and first believing in my ability. I will find other ways to improve myself and explore different methods of learning something. But even though I will step away from my comfort zone, I will never forget the people who lead and inspire me, and that is my teachers and fellow batch mates.

Confidence is also the key to passing not only the UPCAT but also in passing through life, because if you feel confident and seem confident, you will sound confident. When you look like you know what you’re saying and what you are talking about, you will be able to convince people that you do know what you are saying when in fact you are just reiterating your previous statements.

Lastly, Ora Et Labora, or Pray and Work. I will pray for the wisdom to know when to stop and when to continue, pray for the strength to finish the test without faltering and pray for clarity especially of the mind so I will not forget what I already know. It is important that in whatever I do, I put Christ in the center of it because without Him and His Grace, I will never be nowhere near here. I will also work hard to earn this by studying and remembering what my teachers have already taught me. But this is a continuous process. This means that I should have been paying attention since my freshman year until present times because this is an easier way of recalling than having to read old notes/books or notes given by review centers.


UPCAT Essay by:
ChristineChristine Garcia



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