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Far Eastern University Entrance Scholarship

Far Eastern University Entrance Scholarship

Scholarship Background

This is given to students who have graduated with honors in high school. The scholarship targets the top five students of high schools for them to pursue their college education in the university. It also is aimed at attracting graduates of highly competitive science high schools. There is a fixed number of slots that applicants will be vying for.

Scholarship Benefits

Full tuition, miscellaneous and other identified subject specific fee subsidy.
The effectivity of the scholarship grant will be until the scholar completes the degree program provided the scholar complies with the requirements for maintaining the said scholarship.

Scholarship Qualifications

The scholarship is open to Valedictorians, Salutatorians and 1st to 3rd Honourable Mention graduates who score at least a High Average rating in the FEU College Admissions Test (FEU-CAT).
It is also open to applicants who score at least 90 percentile in the FEU-CAT and maintain a General Weighted Average of at least 88% in their senior high school year.

Scholarship Requirements

Scholarship Retention

GPA of at least 3.0 (B)
No grade lower than 2.5 (C+)
No dropped course
Note: Exemption to be decided by the SVPAA/President

No major disciplinary infraction
Must have enrolled all the courses required for the semester based on his/ her respective curriculum
Once a scholar fails to comply with at least one of these retention policies, he/ she will not be part of this scholarship program anymore.

There will be a separate application process for this scholarship. Prospective scholars will have to apply and submit their application on a prescribed deadline to the Admissions Office.
The Admissions and Financial Assistance Office will evaluate from among the applicants who will be among the recipients of the scholarship.
Once approved, the Admissions office will notify the successful applicants.

Number of Slots


Scholarship Application Schedule

Application Period Exam Schedule Scholarship Results Date
upon entrance examination

Scholarship Exam Coverage


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