Thanx for the tips. It’s really a big help. I still have 1 month remaining to prepare for my USTET exam that will be on October.

A Scheme to Overcome a CAT


Fluffy furs, piercing gazes, meowing sounds are the reasons why I’m afraid of cats. Then one day I realized that not all of them are to be afraid of, some can be overcome when you have the perfect plan. I’m currently preparing to defeat one because this CAT is my ticket to my dream university: The University of the Phillipines

First things first, before you go to a battle, you must know whom you will encounter. So I researched and found out that the UPCAT has the UPG(University Predicted Grade). That means 40% of it comes from your grades from 1st year to 3rd year high school, the other 60% will be the actual exam. It’s relieving to know that it doesn’t have the essay part but it does have the right minus 1/4 penalty. The four sections of the test are Language Proficiency, Science, Math and Reading Comprehension.

Now that I know what to expect, next to my scheme is to study harder than ever. The right weapon for algebra, geometry and chemistry is the knowledge I have. Review centers like Brain Train can help restore the stocked ideas. I advice my fellow Juniors to understand the lessons and not to focus on memorizing. Sometimes, depending on the things you memorized can be to root of confusion. For the Language Proficiency and Reading Comprehension, reading is the solution. Read a lot to improve your vocabulary.

The mind is ready so the body should be. I will eat the right kind of foods, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and sleep at the right time so my physical body won’t be a hindrance to achieve this dream.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24). Thinking positive can always help. If you don’t trust yourself, then who else can do it for you? So keep your head high and believe that you can pass the test. Develop the negative thoughts to positive pictures.

But all the efforts and hard works will be wasted if you lack something, or should I say Someone. The most important ingredient of my plan is our Lord Jesus Christ. I am committing the CAT I’m about to defeat to the Giver of wisdom and strength, the Omnipotent God. With Him, Victory is assured.

My scheme is ready and I won’t worry. I am afraid of cats but the CAT of UP will never be one of them. You might hear cats meowing but you will hear me roaring for I am a champion by passing the UPCAT with flying colors.


UPCAT Essay by:
Kimry DanielleKimry Danielle Gonzales



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