Thanks a lot Academic Clinic! I didn't attended review classes this summer but you are a great help! Hope to be one of the UPCAT passers who are a product of your benevolence! Thank you! To my fellow takers tomorrow, good luck and God bless!

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Join our contest and get a chance to win 5 TOTALLY FREE UPCAT REVIEW (inclusive of tuition fee and materials)

5 ABSOLUTELY FREE UPCAT REVIEW in any of the following:

North of Manila: -Bulacan (Baliuag) -Dagupan -La Union -Lingayen -Pampanga
South of Manila -Iloilo -Naga
CALABARZON -Antipolo -Batangas -Cavite (Bacoor) -Laguna (Santa Rosa) -La Union -Tanauan
NCR -Manila (Paco) -Mandaluyong -Quezon City

More venues to be announced soon. Click links to see schedule and teachers for center.


Choose any one of the following topics (title may be different from suggested topic):
1. How studying in UP can help me accomplish my dreams and what I will do to ensure that you pass the UPCAT

2. My anxieties about taking the UPCAT

3. How Excel Tutorials’ UPCAT tips will work for me to pass the UPCAT (tips available here.)
4. My expectations about moving to Manila to study in UP (excited to see the big city, have a taste of independence, etc.)

-must be a 3rd year high school student
-must be able to claim the prize at any of EXCEL Tutorials centers in the Philippines:

North of Manila – Bulacan (Baliuag), Dagupan, La Union, Lingayen and Pampanga
South of Manila – Iloilo and Naga
CALABARZON – Antipolo, Batangas, Cavite (Bacoor), Laguna (Santa Rosa), La Union
and Tanauan

NCR – Manila (Paco),  Mandaluyong and Quezon City
More venues to be announced later.

Entries can be anything from powerpoint presentations, comic strips, painting, digital art, essays, poems, songs or videos. There is no limit to what you can submit. Be reminded that the voting and judging will be done online. Thus, the medium should render to an online crowd.

1. Videos, audio files, powerpoint presentations and the like are easily appreciated online. So if you’re making a comic strip, a 3D art (i.e. sculptures) or a sketch, you may translate the comic to a video file or a youtube video or powerpoint presentation that can be viewed on slideshare, the 3D art to a video showcasing the video and showing what you think about the art piece or the sketch to a high-resolution jpeg file.

2. Provide us with the postable link of the submission. The submission should be able to be displayed on our file. It should avoid opening on a new tab as much as possible to ensure that the viewer will comment on your entry.

3. We will not post submissions that are abusive, misleading, vulgar and academically dishonest. You may use the materials from the net but please ensure you add enough artistic or academic value into the submission.

4. Aside from the above, no further restrictions apply. Just express yourself as the more unique your submission, the more people will find it interesting.

Academic Clinics’ Favorite Entry (1 winner)
Manila Survival Guide’s Favorite Entry (1 winner)
Excel Tutorials Favorite Entries (3 winners)

Excel Tutorials Favorite Entries will be declared based on Mockingjay points. The entries with the most points win.
Mockingjay points are earned based on comments to the entry in and likes as displayed in “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials” FB page featuring the entry.

1 FB like = 1 Mockingjay point
1 website comment = 5 Mockingjay points

One comment per person allowed. No anonymous comments allowed (need to sign in with email). For the comment to qualify, it should be at least 5 words in length. Excel Tutorials reserves the right of the final decision in cases of dispute.

All five winners will win ABSOLUTELY FREE REVIEW this summer.

Submission Period:  Febuary 1 -March 16, 2014 (the earlier you submit, the earlier the entry will be posted and the earlier you can promote your entry)

Period to earn Mockingjay points:   February 22-March 30, 2014

Announcement of Winners: April 2, 2014

No contestant may win more than once.  Prizes are non-convertible to cash and non-transferable.

Eligible contestants must:

Download the submission form here. This is all you need to submit to us with the link to your submission.

  1. Like UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials on Facebook, Academic-Clinic, and
    Manila Survival Guide.
  2. Only those who liked the page during the entire contest duration will be eligible to win.
  3. Subscribe to through the right hand side box.
  4. Visit this page, click “Like” or “Send” and/or “Share” so you can share this contest page to other social networks.
  5. Send the completed submission form to
  6. We will post your submission at our FB page, “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials”. We will message you once it is posted.
  7. During the period of earning Mockingjay points, go to “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials” FB page and share it in FB. This will earn you likes. Remember that for the likes to qualify, the like should be on the actual link, NOT on your post/status update. So you can monitor the actual likes, it is shown on “UPCAT Review by Excel Tutorials” FB page. The more difficult thing to do and thus earns the entry more points is to get comments to the entry at Each comment that is at least 5 words in length (real words only, randomly typed letters/words will be deleted), earns the entry 5 Mockingjay points.

Five suggested ways to publicize your entry:

  1. Use twitter, FB, instagram and your blog accounts.
  2. Ask all your friends to send place positive comments on your entry.
  3. Provide the links to your entry in your status updates.
  4. Private message your friends although tagging them would be easier.
  5. Change your profile picture to promote your entry so everything you do on FB boosts your entry.

BONUS Mockingjay points (self-tracking by screen capture and sent to, one submission only, once you’ve submitted that’s all we will count):

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning you just joined our contest in our review tagging our website link to the venue where you plan to avail of the FREE UPCAT review (example: I just joined the UPCAT Express-yourself contest at Doing this early on will prompt us to make a page in our website for you so once you send us your entry, it can easily be posted and you can get people to like your post earlier.

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning our FREE UPCAT reviewers with the link

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning our FB page

Example: Friends, please like

30 Mockingjay points = mentioning you will enroll in our review in FB (if you will enrol in Manila “I just enrolled in Excel Tutorials’ UPCAT review (link to the venue where you will enroll)”.
If you will enrol in Manila, you should say I just enrolled in Excel Tutorials’ UPCAT review

Tag your friends who you want to join you in the review. One friend tagged is equivalent to an additional 3 Mockingjay points per tag (maximum of 10 friends)

Again, for the bonus points, you need to send us screen captures of the posts and we will check that these actually exist on your page. Excel Tutorials reserves the right to the final decision on what BONUS points count. Send the screen captures in a word file to Deadline to send the screen captures file is on March 15.

If a winner is already enrolled with Excel Tutorials & Review Center, then he or she is eligible to receive a refund of his or her registration fee, provided that:

For more info about Excel Tutorials and Review Center’s UPCAT Review, visit Visit our FB page at:

To read really interesting blogs about education, lifestyle and life in Manila, visit

Join now! To see the official contest page and to download the submission form, go here.


While every effort has been made to keep this website accurate and updated, makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. has been established to provide students and their parents an additional source of timely and relevant information.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement for the information portals of universities, schools, government agencies, private organizations, and any other entities we may have used as references.

Please be advised. Thank you.

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