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Receptionist Course & Career Info


Receptionist Course & Career Info Description


Course Classification:


Course Description:

There is no required college degree needed to become a receptionist. In fact, some employers even hire applicants with only a high school diploma. However, if you are planning to apply at a large corporation, for example, a college degree will give you an edge over your competition. There are also secretarial or vocational courses that you can take, a good example of which is two-year computer secretarial course. Courses such as these teach you basic computer lessons, secretarial skills, operation of basic office machines, among others.

Cost of Education:

Secondary education is usually offered for free by public schools, but if you are going to enroll in a private school, the cost of education could range anywhere from P20,000 to about P35,000 yearly. The cost of education for college courses, on the other hand, depends upon the type of college course you are going to take as well as the type of institution, be it private or public. Public institutions will cost you about P3,000 per semester, while private institutions will cost you about P20,000 or more yearly.

Top Universities for Course:

  • Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology in Manila


Top Universities Link:



Course Skills and Factors


Skills/Physical Attributes:

  • Courteous and punctual



  • The main responsibility of a receptionist is to greet the customers and clients, answer the phone and re-route them to appropriate number if needed, respond to client or customer inquiries and questions, direct customers and clients to appropriate offices or personnel. He is also responsible for making the appointments on behalf of the client as well as performing other office duties such as making copies of documents, sorting mail, updating the appointment calendars, etc.



Career Outlook and Global Demand


Global Demand:

There is a good demand for receptionists locally, especially since establishments and companies are always popping up yearly. Abroad though, some of the countries that are hiring Filipinos as receptionists are Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Palau, among others.

Expected Salary:

Receptionists in the country typically earn about P8,500 monthly. Of course, the salary depends upon your employer or the company you are working for. Receptionists who are working for large and known companies are, of course, earning higher than those who are working for smaller establishments.

Opportunities for Advancement:

If you want to advance your career as a receptionist, continuing education is a must. You can take up additional computer courses to enhance your computer skills to be able to advance to executive secretarial positions or administrative assistant posts.



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