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Industrial Engineer Course and Career Info

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineer Course and Career Info Description


Course Classification:


Course Description:

The educational requirement to be an industrial engineer is to have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. This college course teaches the students not only about engineering designs, their principles, methods, and applications but also about operations management, which is a business-oriented discipline. In addition to planning, creating, and making designs, this course also teaches about installation process of the design and improvement as well as maintenance methods of the systems.

Cost of Education:

B.S. in industrial engineering is a four-year course, and one semester usually costs P30,000 to about P40,000. The cost per semester can be higher though in some private institutions.

Top Universities for Course:

  • B.S. in industrial engineering is a four-year course, and one semester usually costs P30,000 to about P40,000. The cost per semester can be higher though in some private institutions.


Top Universities Link:



Course Skills and Factors


Skills/Physical Attributes:

  • Can be a team player and work well with other people.
  • Ability to communicate well with people, both oral and written.
  • Creative mind with the ability to develop designs independently as well as solve problems related to it.
  • Skill in mathematics as well as physical science.
  • Skill in managing people, especially when it comes to productivity.
  • Good knowledge of business organizations and the different methods.
  • Analytical and creative mind with an eye for detail.
  • Skill in developing financial planning, especially when it comes to cost analysis and control systems.



  • The main responsibility of an industrial engineer is to design as well as develop integrated systems that will make production and quality control more effective. The duties also include testing the designs as well as evaluating them, taking into consideration the financial aspects and human work factors. In addition to these, it is also the industrial engineer’s responsibility to solve production problems for a more effective operation. Other duties include estimating cost production, assessing production accuracy, and inspecting quality control.



Career Outlook and Global Demand


Global Demand:

Most industrial engineers are working in the manufacturing industry, although they are also found in the transportation, communications, as well as mining and agricultural industries. Overseas, there is a high demand for industrial engineers in the Middle East. Countries that are hiring Filipino workers are Saudi Arabia as well as Jordan. Qatar and Brunei are also hiring from the Philippines.

Expected Salary:

Entry-level industrial engineers earn about P12,000 monthly to P15,000. For highly-skilled industrial engineers, salaries can go up to P20,000. If you work overseas, salary can start from $6,300 a month.

Opportunities for Advancement:

From entry-level industrial engineers, you can advance to technical specialist. You can also advance to a supervisory position where you manage a team of engineers as well as technicians. Highly-skilled industrial engineers can also advance to managerial positions.



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