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Kid, you’ll move mountains

Kid, you'll move mountains


When my junior was about to end, I began to plan about my whole summer. And some of the plans that I had were things to do to pass the UPCAT. I’ve been reading articles here, on academic-clinic.com, since last year, but I haven’t clicked the “Contest” tab before. Hitting it this morning (May 19) happened spontaneously. Since I have done (and still doing) some of the plans that I had to get into UP, I didn’t have a hard time to come up with this list. The only thing that I had to rush was the photo entry itself. It is stated in the mechanics that screening might take two days. Thank God. I made it to the deadline, which is two days from now.

I am one of the people who would do anything just to get what they want. I want to get into UP. Here are 18 of the plans that I had to prepare myself for the UPCAT.


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Ruth AngeliqueRuth Angelique Pasos


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