Pagpalain kayo ni Lord.Hindi masama tumulong sa kapwa.Sana magamit ko to sa Pup.

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Keep Calm and Get Into UP

Keep Calm and Get Into UP



Here’s my list of things that I will do to get into UP:

1. Think positive.
Before anything else. I always believe that I can get into UP.
2. Review for the coming UPCAT.
Enroll to a good and excellent review center. Review by myself. And keep studying our current lesson.
3. Visit:
Since I can get free reviewers for UPCAT. And they give such good tips and strategies in taking the UPCAT and all about taking college entrance exam.
4. Submit all the requirements needed for the UPCAT.
Of course, submit it be fore the deadline. Better be sure.
5. Look for tips, advice, strategies for the UPCAT.
Ask from friends, previous UPCAT takes, and websites such as academic-clinic.
6. Study always.
Whether it be our current lesson or the lessons back from our previous years, I should always study because this can help me get into UP and make my parents proud with my grades.
7. Pray always and ask guidance from God and parents.
They’ll always be there for me.
8. Wish upon a shooting star.
I’ll wish that I can get into UP.
9. Save money.
So that I can at least help my parents even in just buying things that I need or want.
10. Try to win the Samsung galaxy tab prize of this contest!
I know this can help me a lot in getting into UP. Yeah.
11. Bring things that I’ll need during the UPCAT.
What I’ll bring: lots of food, pencils, erasers, a watch and sharpener. And of course, bring myself.
Better bring everything, than forget something that can help me.
12. Keep calm and take the UPCAT.
Never ever panic since I know this can ruin my concentration.
13. Pass the UPCAT.
I can’t get into UP if I can’t pass it right? So I’ll definitely pass the UPCAT.
14. Apply for reconsideration.
IF I fail the UPCAT (which I believe won’t happen), I’ll apply for reconsideration to at least five different UP campuses (there’s a lot of choices as long as I pass their cut-off.)
15. Enrol to a different university and then, transfer to UP.
If no. 14 doesn’t work again, I’ll just enrol to another university and transfer to UP after finishing at least 33 units with an average of at least 1.6.
16. Take the Talent Determination Test (TDT).
If no. 15 doesn’t work either, I’ll just take the TDT.
Yeah. I’m talented. I can sing and draw well.
17. Hack UP database.
If ever I fail all my attempts, I’ll just hack the database of UP and do some changes into the results. Hahaha!
But, I know I won’t fail so I don’t need to do something evil. Think positive remember?
18. Leave everything else to God.
Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

Do not take seriously no. 17. I know I can’t do something like that unless tempted.=)
Thank You. 🙂


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