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A Journey to Success

A Journey to Success


Every person aspires to be on top—to achieve his dreams and goals in life. In other words, every man wishes to be successful. As I turn another chapter in my life, college is the climax of the story because this stage is my most-awaited part. It has been a dream to be one of the so-called “Scholar ng Bayan”, and a privilege to be one. By this time, dreamers like me are now starting on their journey. Now, I will share to you my eighteen steps to my journey to SUCCESS.

1. Be optimistic. Optimism gives you the chance to believe that you have passed the UPCAT, and also boost your confidence that you will get many correct answers as you can while taking the exam.

2. Review daily. Devote some time (approximately one to two hours) to get yourself buckled up for the upcoming exam.

3. Find some friends to be your study buddies. Group studies are also an effective routine because it enables each member of the group to share what he knows and understand what you don’t know.

4. Visualize yourself as a student of your dream university. Visualizing things such as strolling around the UP campus with new-found buddies triggers you to do well in your craft in order to be there.

5. Befriend the geniuses. It may sound that you’re feeling close, but befriend them in a good way for they may serve as your tutors in your weak areas.

6. Accept your weakness. Admit it; you don’t like some of the subjects being tackled. All you have to do is to accept it and do everything you can to make it one of your strengths just like devoting some time to understand the area.

7. But don’t forget your strengths. Don’t underestimate the subjects which you labeled as the easy ones.

8. Learn the basic. Basic concepts of every subject are very important because without it, you will not learn how to deal with the complex stuff.

9. Have faith. Believing in God plus believing your capability makes a perfect combination.

10. Don’t cram. Cramming may work some time, but I don’t think this will be a good option to do a day or two before the examination.

11. Enroll in an excellent review center. A Review Centers gives you an opportunity to recall all the concepts you have studied for the past three years and it gives you a hint on what will appear on the exam proper.
12. Use certified review materials. Using such things will give you more knowledge what to study and where to focus.
13. Be physically fit in order to join the UP PEP SQUAD. Pep Squads are the best, and you may gain new friends in joining the club. 
14. Be a bookworm. Being a bookworm enhances your vocabulary and you may use it in your everyday conversation with your gals.
15. Ask for some advice from the experts and those who took the UPCAT. Asking pieces of advice such as dos and don’ts in taking the said exam might help you achieve the cut-off passing grade.
16. Don’t forget to relax from time to time. Don’t stress yourself too much because you deserve to rest. It will serve as your reward after a long-day of hard work.
17. Search for a wishing well, or wait for 11:11 to come. Wishing that you will pass may sound weird, but who knows? Your fairy godmother may grant your wish!
18. Repeat steps 01 to 17 until you reached the peak of your success! Good Luck! 🙂

**Thank you Ahead Review Center for holding such contests like this. 🙂


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