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18 Things I’ll Do To Lift “UP” Myself

These are the 18 Things I’ll Do To Get Into any campus of the University of the Philippines.

18 things I’ll do to get into one of the campuses of the University of the Philippines? Let’s see…
1. Review, of course, especially in English, Math, and Science.
2. Hey! Don’t forget to practice writing essays because I had researched for some tips to get into UP and have just read an article about practicing writing essays. What’ve you got there?
3. *loving UP from the bottom of my hypothalamus*
-Oookaay. That’s just weird. For the betterment of my emotional capability
4. I’ll attend different kinds of summer school seminars,
5. Socialize more with my neighbors,
6. Spend time with my friends, and
7. Treasure some moments with my family.
-How ’bout you?
-I’ll increase my mental capability.
8. I’ll gather extra knowledge from educational TV shows,
9. Read, and read, and read to widen my vocabulary,
10. Appreciate art even more to enrich my creative side, and
11. Familiarize myself with world facts and current events.
[for physical matters]
12. Exercise regularly.
13. Always eat a balanced diet.
-So, what’re the others
14. Visualize myself being an official maroon. (be optimistic)
15. I’ll make it happen. I’ll grab an application form, submit it, and pass UPCAT.
16. I’ll pray every night before I sleep.
17. Thank God in the morning for waking me up.
-What’s the 18th?
[The eighteenth thing was not stated verbally but at the end of the video we can see that it is THE EFFORT in joining the contest. It means that the perseverance and determination to get into UP can conquer anything.]
Credits: thanks to my parents for the vidcam, and thanks to our mabait na kasambahay for assisting me in making this vid… thanks for Ahead, of course, if it were not for Ahead, I wouldn’t be able to identify the things I need to prioritize to make myself a maroon. :))) and thanks, you’re the best! a gazillion thanks to y’all! :))) thanks for youtube and for the songs!


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Diane MarieDiane Marie Fetalvero


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